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Ted in the ending of Ted Lasso

Will there be more Ted Lasso, or is it all over for the story of AFC Richmond? Here’s everything that happens in the finale and whether or not the ending sets up another season, or perhaps a spinoff.

In 2020, Apple TV launched a humble sitcom about an oblivious coach tapped to manage an English football team. It was light, heartwarming, funny, and it connected with people on an incredible scale, becoming a full-blown phenomenon over the course of its first two seasons.

As the third season began, fans had lots of questions: would Richmond win “the whole f*cking thing”, would Roy and Keeley get back together, and could Ted/Rebecca endgame actually come true?

Now that Season 3 Episode 12 is out and available to stream, we have all those answers (sort of), but some folks may be wondering if Ted Lasso is actually over – here’s what happens and what we know.

Ted Lasso ending explained

A lot happens in the closing stretch of the episode, but here’s the basics: Ted goes back to the US after Richmond come second in the league to Manchester City, Rebecca sells 49% of the club and remains its owner, Rupert is sacked from West Ham, Roy Kent becomes the new manager of Richmond, and Trent Crimm finishes his book – but there’s a last-minute change.

The final game of the season is a nail-biter, with Richmond climbing back from a 2-0 lead in the second half – and they needed a win to have a chance at the trophy. Using Nate’s decoy tactic from the first season, Sam fires it into the back of the net and they win the game. The fans run onto the pitch, and all of the players kiss their partners – including Colin and his boyfriend Michael.

Unfortunately, the episode jumps ahead, and it wasn’t enough. Ted meets the “ussie” guy at the airport again, who reveals Richmond came second in the league.

While Rebecca had threatened to sell the club if Ted left – “If you go, I go,” she told him – she’s decided to stay with her family, just as Ted is going back to his own. So, sorry to the Ted/Rebecca endgame collective – it didn’t happen. Coach Beard also confesses to Ted that he doesn’t want to go, and fakes some sort of manic episode so they let him off the plane – but before he goes, we learn his actual name: Willis.

Ted and Rebecca in the Ted Lasso finale

As Rebecca leaves the airport, she sees a little girl running towards her, who trips and falls. As she helps her up, she looks up and sees her father: it’s the Dutchman, and he’s a pilot. “It’s you,” he says, and they smile at each other.

We jump ahead again, and Trent Crimm is signing copies of his book. As per Ted’s request, he changes the title from The Lasso Way to The Richmond Way, “the unbelievable season of a Premier League underdog.”

Keeley is back at her PR firm, while Roy Kent is announced as the new manager of Richmond with Beard and Nate as his coaching staff (he also begins therapy with Dr. Sharon). We get a glimpse of Sam playing for Nigeria’s national football team, Jamie reconnects with his dad, and they all gather for a barbecue at Higgins’ home, where it’s confirmed that Rebecca and the Dutchman got together.

Keeley also pitches a Richmond’s women’s team to Rebecca, and Roy, Nate, and Beard also put the ‘Believe’ sign back up. We see Beard and Jane get married at Stonehenge, surrounded by their teammates.

Finally, we see Ted arriving home – and Dr. Jacob is nowhere to be seen. The episode ends with Ted coaching his soccer team and telling him to “be a goldfish” after he misses a shot. Ted smiles as his son runs excitedly back onto the pitch, and it cuts to black.

So, is Ted Lasso over?

While we think Ted Lasso’s story is over, there’s plenty of room for spinoffs.

This is almost certainly the end of the mainline series, as echoed by the cast and creatives on the show. Speaking to Deadline, Jason Sudeikis said: “This is the end of this story that we wanted to tell, that we were hoping to tell, that we loved to tell.”

The show’s Twitter account also seemed to confirm it was the last season, tweeting: “A few years ago I hopped on a plane with Coach Beard headin’ to a little town in London. Tonight we play our final match.  It’s like what I say about the films of David Lynch. I can’t tell you what’s happenin’, but I sure as heck don’t want it to end.”

However, he added: “I think that we’ve set the table for all sorts of folks to get to watch the further telling of these stories. Again, I can’t help but take the question as flattery for what all of us that were working on the show have tried to do. It’s really kind of folks to even consider that because you never know what’s gonna happen when you make things. The fact that people want more, even if it’s a different avenue is lovely.”

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