Is Ted Lasso leaving AFC Richmond? Truth bomb explained

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Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 11 ends with him about to deliver a “truth bomb” to Rebecca – is he leaving AFC Richmond, is Ted/Rebecca endgame happening, and if not, what the hell is he going to say?

Ted Lasso started with an American football coach being suckered into managing a (real) football team in the UK; more specifically AFC Richmond, owned by Rebecca Welton, the vengeful ex-wife of the club’s former owner… until she nabbed it in the divorce.

Her plan was simple: self-destruction via Ted’s hapless coaching. Of course, it didn’t work out that way, soon falling for his folksy charm and allowing him to lead Richmond out of relegation and back into the English Premier League.

However, Ted has been pretty unhappy throughout Season 3. He misses his son, he wants to have a better relationship with his ex-wife, and maybe (according to some fans) he’s destined to be with Rebecca – so, is he leaving Richmond, or does he have something else to say to her?

Is Ted Lasso’s “truth bomb” him leaving AFC Richmond?

We won’t find out until next week… but we think Ted is leaving AFC Richmond and returning home to the US.

Earlier in the season, the show seem to flirt with the idea of Ted being fired for Richmond’s woeful performance week-to-week. “The club is going in the wrong direction and I fear it has little to do with the quality of the players,” Higgins told Rebecca.

Fortunately, with the help of Zava and “total football”, the club has become rather acquainted with the back of the net, and they might even go on and “win the whole f*cking thing”, just as Ted promised.

So… what then? Will Ted just keep going with the team, all while battling the same mental health issues that stem from being apart from his son and having anxiety over not being a good father? Will he still find himself amused with the ways of the UK while being perpetually homesick (his WiFi password is “BBQs@uce”)?

It’s the only path that makes sense, especially with Coach Beard making amends with Nate at the end of Episode 11. Nate will come back and take over Richmond, and Ted will go home.

Is Ted/Rebecca endgame actually happening?

Sorry, “tedbecca nation” – we cannot see how Ted and Rebecca end up together at the end of Ted Lasso. We’re in the endgame now, but not the one you want.

There is a whole subset of fans who believe Ted and Rebecca are “endgame”, i.e. their eventual romance is inevitable and the show is barrelling towards it.

That’s not to say the showrunners haven’t indulged this theory a little: both characters have the green matchbooks, she was told she was going to be a mother in her psychic reading, and some fans think the dress she wore in the Amsterdam episode teases a future as a Kansas “prairie mama.”

There are huge threads on social media that’ll try to persuade you they should end up together – one Twitter account even has the username @didtedbecca – but we’re not convinced.

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