Ted Lasso Season 3: Who plays Sam’s dad?

Nonso Anozie in Game of Thrones, who plays Sam's dad in Ted Lasso Season 3HBO

Who plays Sam’s dad in Ted Lasso Season 3? Sam Obisanya’s father finally appears in the latest episode, but who is the actor portraying him?

We’re seven episodes into Ted Lasso Season 3, fast approaching what’s believed to be the Apple TV+ show’s endgame, three years after its unlikely hit debut.

It’s been a plot-heavy new season: Nate has been battling his arrogant demons and Rupert over at West Ham, Ted is homesick but continues to invest his effort into Richmond’s tactics, Keeley seems to have found love away from Roy, and Jamie Tartt may become the footballer he was destined to be.

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After turning down Edwin Akufo in Season 2, Sam’s been busy. While keeping up with his teammates, he’s now the owner of a local Nigerian restaurant. However, a disgraceful incident happens to coincide with the arrival of his dad in the UK.

Spoilers for Ted Lasso to follow…

Who plays Sam’s dad in Ted Lasso Season 3?

Nonso Anozie plays Sam’s dad in Ted Lasso Season 3.

His character is called Ola Obisanya, which is where Sam’s restaurant gets its name from. He arrives in the changing room as Sam lashes out over the vandalism following his tweets about the UK’s home secretary, a Priti Patel-esque figure who’s cracking down on illegal immigration.

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When he walks in, they embrace in a hug. Sam eventually takes his dad to the restaurant, expecting to be confronted with the mess after the break-in – instead, his teammates are already there helping to fix things up, including the Ola sign.

Anozie is best known for his performances as Xaro Xhoan Daxos in Game of Thrones, Renfield in 2013’s Dracula series, and Tommy Jepperd in Sweet Tooth, which returns for Season 2 this week.

Ted Lasso Episodes 1-7 are streaming now. Check out the rest of our coverage below:

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