Ted Lasso fans “howling” over Pep Guardiola cameo

Pepe Guardiola and Jason Sudeikis in Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 11Brett Goldstein/Instagram

Ted Lasso fans are “screaming” after Pep Guardiola made an incredible cameo in Season 3 Episode 11.

In the latest episode of Ted Lasso, the penultimate chapter before the show seemingly bows out with its finale next week, AFC Richmond faces off against Manchester City at the opposition’s Etihad Stadium.

There’s a lot of apprehension going into the match: Ted struggles to concentrate with his mother lingering around after her unannounced arrival in the UK, and Jamie Tartt is nervous to come home after all the past issues with his dad.

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Of course, they overcome the odds and beat Man City 2-0. As the team celebrates on the pitch, Ted finally meets Pep Guardiola – and he’s actually in the show. There’s no CGI trickery going, he’s not been inserted into the show with the help of VFX – he’s really there.

Ted Lasso fans react to Pep Guardiola cameo

After Richmond’s victory, Ted walks over to shake Guardiola’s hand. “I gotta be honest with ya, you’re a tough guy to beat, man,” Ted tells him.

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“Nah, don’t worry about the wins or losses. Just help these guys be the best version of themselves on and off the pitch. This, at the end, is the most important thing,” Guardiola says, before reuniting with Jamie while Ted and Coach Beard lose their minds over what just happened.

Reacting to the scene, one user wrote: “Pep Guardiola is in Ted Lasso I’m howling.” Another tweeted: “Pep Guardiola showing up on #TedLasso only for Man City to lose 2-0 to Richmond has sent me.”

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“I convinced myself that the footage of Pep Guardiola was inserts from actual game footage only for him to shake Ted’s hand AND have a moment with Jamie. I’ll never recover, actually,” a third wrote.

“The way I was giggling, laughing, kicking my feet watching these scenes with Pep Guardiola,” another wrote. “Pep Guardiola makes a CAMEO IN TED LASSO. OMFG!!!!! SCREAMING,” a fifth tweeted.

Ted Lasso Episodes 1-11 are streaming now. Check out the rest of our coverage below:

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