Tyrique hits out at Love Island fans after breakup with Ella Thomas

Je'Kayla Crawford
Ella and Ty from Love Island

A fan asked Tyrique why Ella publicly responded to their breakup and he didn’t, and that same fan is probably regretting it.

One couple that made their way all the to the finale of Season 10 was Ella Thomas and Tyrique Hyde. A few months after leaving the villa together, however, the two decided to call it quits, leaving only Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nowacki as the only couple that is still together from the tenth season.

Ella put out her own public statement about their breakup on her Snapchat, in which she confirmed their split and expressed her well wishes to Ty.

Following her message, fans were thinking that Tyrique was going to release his own public statement, and when he didn’t, one fan decided to call him out for it. And he let him have it.

On Snapchat, a LI fan asked Tyrique why he seemingly had nothing to say about his breakup with Ella, and he didn’t take the question lightly.

“Tf you want me to say? This is my life g, did you announce your breakup to the world? Just cos people on Love Island usually put out statements doesn’t mean I have to,” he snapped in response.

After his Snapchat message was reshared on TikTok, fans quickly took to the comments section of the re-post to share their reaction, and the fanbase seemed to be completely divided.

One fan wrote, “I love the response what do you expect him to say? Cry or smile? That’s he’s life and he has to deal with it privately and it being his first relationship it sucks. It will take him time to heal.”

“He’s starting to show a defensive side, and also kinda rude at times. Ugh,” another fan countered.

Ty hasn’t released another message as of yet.