Jury Duty Season 2: Everything we know

Ronald Gladden and the cast of Jury DutyFreevee

Here’s everything we know about Jury Duty Season 2, the much-demanded second season of the hit Freevee series, including any renewal and release date updates, and more.

Between ordinary telly and the ever-growing roster of streaming platforms, there is no shortage of reality TV. There’s Below Deck, following the lives of yachties on luxurious cruises. Love Island has dominated screens in the UK and abroad since 2015. Netflix has the likes of Too Hot To Handle, Perfect Match, and Physical: 100.

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However, earlier in April this year, a new comedy series was released that’s unlike anything we’ve seen before: Jury Duty, following a trial in the US through the eyes of an American man who doesn’t know that everyone – and we mean everyone – around him is an actor. It was created by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, who also worked on The Office.

It’s been a major word-of-mouth success, and speculation around a possible second season is rife – so, here’s what we know about Jury Duty Season 2.

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Will there be a Jury Duty Season 2?

As of May 2023, Jury Duty Season 2 hasn’t been announced – but it could happen.

Here’s the problem with bringing Jury Duty back for another season: it may have worked the first time, but could they pull it off again? Would the next unwitting juror not be suspicious of the documentary film crew and possibly uncover the whole elaborate ruse?

In an interview with Variety, executive producers David Bernad and Todd Schulman were asked how they’d approach a possible second season, and if they’d consider another setting with the same format.

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“​​Very loosely, yes. One of the initial premises of the show was it is a jury trial, but we sold it as every day you’re on trial, every day you’re confronted with situations and opportunities to make a decision,” Bernad said.

“The show’s very specifically built where every episode someone brings a premise to Ronald [Gladden] and it’s Ronald deciding how he’s going to interact. All those [bits] were for the idea, ‘Can you then give [Ronald] the confidence to then be the hero in Episode 7?’ I think we can take that same theme and premise and apply it to other areas outside of a jury trial.”

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The cast of Jury DutyFreevee

Schulman also said: “One of the reasons maybe the show has resonated with people is it’s all too rare to see being a good person celebrated. I think that’s an infinitely repeatable core concept, that core element of the show we can do again potentially in other worlds. I do think there are opportunities, but we haven’t gotten too deep into that yet.”

David Hatton, another executive producer on the series, expressed interest in doing another season, but reiterated that it likely wouldn’t be exactly the same.

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“We could do more but it won’t be the exact same format… tweaks will need to happen because the process of finding these wonderful real people involves a little bit of subterfuge and hyping up tracks and sort of pretending you’re something that you’re not. So you have to use a slightly different process every time and we have to keep that very, very secret,” he told Deadline.

“There are many more worlds of jury duty and many more iterations of it and I think it can go in any number of incredible directions. We have some things we’re picking up right now which is really exciting. It’s a wonderful proof of concept, I’ll say.”

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Is there a Jury Duty Season 2 release date?

No, Jury Duty Season 2 doesn’t have an official release date right now.

The second season hasn’t been confirmed by Freevee or any of the producers, but considering the preparation that went into Season 1, we could be waiting for a while.

We’ll update this space upon any news or announcement of a release date.

Jury Duty Season 2 cast: Who’d be the new Ronald?

No cast details have been shared for Jury Duty Season 2.

The team accepted thousands of applications for the central role, and the process itself was “arduous”, according to Gladden. “I had to submit probably a dozen videos of myself, I had phone calls, interviews, I had doctors appointments, physicals, I talked to a psychiatrist, the whole nine yards,” he told Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

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There’s also the challenge of finding another protagonist as affable and nice as Gladden. “Ultimately, one of the big factors was you’re casting your protagonist and so you want someone who’s immensely likable, and Ronald’s likability and warmth just jumped off the screen to all of us,” Schulman said.

“Additionally, one of the ways this doesn’t work is if someone figures it out and in order to do that, you’d have to be quite narcissistic. Ronald seemed like a very humble, earnest guy, and so it gave us confidence that we’d be able to get through the entire shoot.”

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