Is Lizzie pregnant in Virgin River?

Lizzie in Virgin RiverNetflix

Lizzie has grown so much as a character since moving to Virgin River, with her journey characterized by growth and self-discovery. Amid the release of Season 5 Part 1 of the Netflix series, here’s what you need to know about if she’s now pregnant.

While Lizzie is just 14 years old in the Virgin River books, the Netflix series decided to shake things up a bit by making her 19, allowing for more adult themes surrounding the character. She’s introduced in Season 2 as a rebellious teenager sent to the small town to live with her aunt Connie.

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Initially, the pair clash and Lizzie finds it hard to fit in, but over time, she starts to mature and gain a more nuanced understanding of life and responsibility, going from being forced into a position at Paige’s bakery to becoming the protege mini-mayor of the town under Hope’s tutelage. The same goes for love, with the former LA girl dating Ricky before embarking on a relationship with Denny in Season 4. 

Season 5 Part 1 is where we really see Lizzie flourish, as she further establishes her transition from troubled teen to town leader, settling into the quiet country life and enjoying her new relationship with Denny. But what’s in store for the future? Warning: Spoilers ahead for Virgin River Season 5 Part 1!

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Is Lizzie pregnant in Virgin River?

Although it’s yet to be confirmed, Lizzie tells Denny that she thinks she might be pregnant in Season 5 Episode 10. It’s a shocking revelation, one that throws a spanner in the works for Denny’s plans to go traveling and take Lizzie with him. 

In the finale, the pair sit down at the Labor Day carnival, where Denny reflects on what his grandma Rose said to him: she thinks he’s “making a mistake” staying in Virgin River, and that he should “travel and get back on track for med school.”

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Lizzie and Denny in Virgin RiverNetflix

Not wanting to let go of his growing relationship with Lizzie, he says: “I didn’t think I had a future but with you I’m starting to see one. And I know that you’re so happy here, but do you think that there’s a chance that you might want to come with me?”

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Before he gets a chance to say anything else, Lizzie interjects: “Denny, I… I think I’m pregnant.”

The scene then cuts to Mel and Jack, meaning we’re going to have to wait until Season 5 Part 2 – which drops in November – to find out whether Lizzie actually is pregnant, and what this will mean for the couple moving forward.

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The teaser trailer for the upcoming episodes suggests it’s looking likely, as she asks Hope: “What if I can’t handle it and I’m not a good mom?”

Earlier on in the latest chapter, Lizzie joins forces with Hope – her mentor and Virgin River’s mayor – to help rescue the community from the wildfire that sweeps through the town, demonstrating once more how far the character has come from her early days. 

Actor Sarah Dugdale told Netflix’s Tudum that one of her favorite parts of playing the character has been “going from that bratty teen girl who thinks she’s the center of attention, and then getting thawed out by being in Virgin River and realizing that people care about her and she’s valued here, to having an important job in government and being mentored by someone like Hope, who I think is a badass woman who speaks her mind.”

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