Invincible Season 2 reveals first look at “terrifying” villain

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Invincible Season 2 showrunner unveils the arch-nemesis that will be chasing chaos for the cast in the latest installment of the show.

Amazon Prime Video made its mark on the superhero genre with both the outlandish The Boys and the heartbreaking Invincible.

Invincible — set to debut its second season soon — follows teen Mark Grayson as he discovers he has superpowers and trains under his father, Nolan, who he doesn’t realize is evil.

Though Mark and Nolan had a massive blowout at the end of Season 1, the series showrunner has revealed the villain for Season 2.

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Invincible Season 2 will be home to Mark’s comic book enemy

Thanks to an exclusive given to IGN, Invincible creator and showrunner Robert Kirkman gave fans a sneak peek at Season 2’s big bad Angstrom Levy.

In the comics, Levy is known as a “dimension-hopper hellbent on harnessing the knowledge of his other selves and obsessed with destroying Mark Grayson.”

“This is a character that kind of comes in at a time when Nolan is gone and really becomes a Mark-centric villain, and is one of the first villains that really put Mark through his paces and showed him as a capable superhero,” Kirkman said, “Another thing that I see people talking about with season one is, ‘When is Mark going to start winning fights?’

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He starts winning fights in Season 2. He still does lose fights, though. Angstrom Levy is another big part of that, just showing Mark as a capable superhero who can stand on his own and to really give people a sense of what this show really is about.”

Kirkman added that many fans expected Season 2 to center around Mark and Nolan again. Still, he thinks there’s an “opportunity to show them that Invincible is a big story, and it covers a lot of ground, and it’s not just Mark and Nolan over and over again.”

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If you’re a big Nolan fan, be excited for season two, but there are so many other stories in Mark’s world, and Angstrom Levy is a big signifier of that.”

The showrunner also expressed happiness with Sterling K. Brown’s performance as Levy. Also, the character has “a solid core of understanding that makes him as sympathetic and relatable as he is dangerous and terrifying.”

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