What is the Threads app? Instagram’s Twitter competitor explained

Jitendra Soni

Are you wondering what Threads is and want to know what its key features are? We’ve got you covered with everything that you need to know.

Threads, launched on July 5, is Meta‘s text-based social media platform deeply interlinked with Instagram. This new social media platform aims to become a modern-day Roman forum that Twitter seemingly failed to evolve into.

The Threads app allows users to post text, images, videos, and GIFs. It is very similar to Twitter, with its design and features allowing you to reshare or comment on a friend’s post. The fact that your friends and followers on Instagram can easily follow you over at Threads is the primary reason behind Threads’ success.

It also offers a solution to users who are not happy with the direction in which Musk-led Twitter is heading. Though Meta says Threads will remain ad-free for now, with 100 million highly active users onboard, Threads could be a goldmine for advertisers.

With the introduction of the Threads app, Zuckerberg has issued a gauntlet to Elon Musk, which he has not taken kindly to. However, as of now, let’s understand the basics of the Threads app.

What is Threads app?

Threads is a text-based decentralized social media platform deeply intertwined with Instagram. While Threads will be a standalone application, Instagram users can not only be able to log in to Threads with their existing user names. Verification status and handles will also be the exact same as your Instagram profile.

That’s not all; Instagram will also help you bring your existing followers to follow you on Threads. It will notify your followers to follow you on the new platform. Interestingly, the words and accounts you block on Instagram will be carried over to Threads ads well, and users will be able to post updates of 500 words, which is way more than what a regular Twitter user is allowed to.

Unlike Twitter, Threads is interoperable with Mastodon as both platforms are built on ActivityPub protocol. However, this functionality has yet to arrive on the platform. To recall, Twitter was seen blocking users from sharing links from Mastodon, Instagram, and other rival platforms.

How to access Threads

Threads invite on Instagram

You can access the Threads app by Instagram in several ways. The easiest way to find yourself on the new platform is to download the app on your mobile device. The app is currently available on both iOS and Android. You can view posts and profiles on Threads via the Website. But, as of the time of writing you are unable to make new posts. The main Threads website has nothing aside from a QR code that allows you to download iOS or Android apps.

You can access Threads here:

Remember, these apps’ availability will depend on your location, device compatibility, account eligibility, and more. Threads is currently not available in the EU due to privacy reasons.

The app is freely available, and if you want to look at some of the hidden easter eggs on Instagram, check out our page on how to get Threads.

When was Threads launched?

Threads App on iOS

Threads was launched on July 6. Though some regions, such as the EU do not currently have access to the platform, the platform has amassed over 15 million registered users in under 12 hours since its public launch.

Threads vs. other Twitter alternatives

Threads is not the only Twitter competitor we’ve come across recently. Apps like Bluesky, Mastodon, Spill, Post, and even Donald Trump’s Truth Social have been in the news for various reasons.

Most of these platforms have only got momentary success and they’re experiencing a spike in their user base thanks to the policies introduced by Musk that are pushing users away from Twitter.

However, Threads has a distinct advantage over most of these platforms. Firstly, it’s backed by Meta, which has many social apps like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. The company would use its collective might to push its users to adopt this new-born platform.

Threads app: Key features explained

Threads website

With its deep integration with Instagram, Threads will work like its extension, where users can share text, images, and videos with their followers. Instagram will also help users seamlessly adopt the new platform by letting them sync their handles, profile pictures, and posts.

Creators can also pre-approve their followers to follow them on Threads when they join the new platform. If the creator hasn’t joined Threads, they’ll show as pending until they join.

This allows creators to build their community quickly and carry on the discussions on Threads easily. This will help increase the number of active users on Threads.

If you have a verified Facebook profile or page, it won’t help you in getting your Instagram handle verified. However, if your account is verified on Instagram, you can forward the status to Threads. Though there is no clarity if there is any change in the fee structure. Instagram, like Twitter, also offers a subscription-based profile verification service.

Threads might also allow users to follow and interact with people on other fediverse platforms, like Mastodon.

Though if you choose to restrict replies to your post on Threads, the post will not be shared with your fediverse followers and its reach will be limited to the Threads app.

Is Threads app safe?

Like any other social media platform, Threads will feed on user data. Meta says that its apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp use this data to target advertisements better.

Jack Dorsey's tweet about data collected by Thread
Jack Dorsey’s tweet about data collected by Threads

However, the extent of data these apps collect is often intrusive and extreme. Twitter’s ex-CEO and BlueSky’s founder Jack’s tweet shows the amount of data Threads will collect.

Though most social media apps have your contact info, browsing history, app usage data, search history, and more, Threads will collect information about your health and fitness, financial information, location history, purchases, and more. Though Instagram is also known for hoarding similar data from its users, it should not come as a surprise.

As an individual application, the Threads app is as safe as any other application from a big tech company. However, usage and allowing access to data is dependent on the users.

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