Threads is already live as Meta looks to take advantage of Twitter issues

Joel Loynds
Threads logo over Bill O'Reilley going "We're Doing it Live"

Threads, Meta’s new Twitter competitor, has gone live through its web interface. Some content creators have early access to the platform ahead of its launch on July 6.

Meta’s latest social media platform, Threads, is already live on the web. While you can’t use it yourself right now, you can take a look around the site’s interface to see how it works.

The app is launching during a tumultuous time for Twitter, as it has “rate-limited” users from reading too many posts, while it faces behind-the-scenes issues.

As expected, Threads looks and feels similar to Twitter, but with an Instagram aesthetic to its user interface. Mark Zuckerberg made his first post, simply saying “Let’s do this. Welcome to Threads.”

The post has also revealed that some content creators like iJustine have already gained access to the platform. Profiles are pulled from your Instagram profile, and when you gain access for the first time, all your followers should be imported. As of right now, it appears that follower counts are low due to no public users.

Posts made on Threads follow a similar structure to tweets, with users able to reply to anything. However, it will bundle up replies to keep the UI clean while scrolling through.

Meta is planning to integrate the same protocols used for Mastodon, which connects to the “Fediverse”. This centralized hub will allow those on Threads to communicate with the wider user base found on Mastodon and vice-versa. This feature isn’t ready yet, with a statement from Meta stating:

“Soon, you’ll be able to follow and interact with people on other Fediverse platforms, such as Mastodon. They can also find people on Threads using full usernames, such as”

Musk and Dorsey raise security concerns around Threads

Both the current owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, and Bluesky board member, Jack Dorsey have raised some concerns over Meta’s data requirements. The EU has also blocked its launch for the time being, while it evaluates privacy concerns.

Jack and Elon discussing requirements from Meta for Threads

Threads will launch publicly tomorrow, July 6, on both Android and iOS. While the website is currently active, Meta is pushing for mobile downloads ahead of its launch to make the biggest impact possible.