Logitech buys Elgato rival Loupedeck to specialize in streamer gear

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Logitech has bought out content creation kit maker Loupedeck, seen as a direct rival to Elgato’s Stream Deck.

The deal for the content creation hardware manufacturer Loupedeck by Logitech was closed for an “undisclosed, non-material amount”.

Logitech’s press release heavily focuses on gaming and streaming content creation, indicating a new path for Loupedeck.

Logitech’s move follows the industry trend of conglomerates purchasing independent hardware makers to acquire better footing in the booming gaming market.

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Corsair recently purchased Drop, while Mountain, which also makes its own control panels, was purchased a few months ago.

In the press release announcing the news, Ujesh Desai, general manager of Logitech G said:

“This acquisition augments Logitech’s product portfolio today and accelerates our software ambitions of enabling keyboards, mice, and more to become smarter and contextually aware, creating a better experience for audiences across Logitech.”

Mikko Kesti, Loupedeck’s chief executive officer added:

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“Loupedeck and Logitech share a commitment to creators and streamers and believe that creativity has no boundaries.

“Joining Logitech allows us to elevate what we are doing to the next level and exponentially broaden our audience and our impact to the creative process.”

In 2019, Logitech purchased Streamlabs, a popular version of streaming software OBS for $89 million.

A year earlier it bought out Blue Microphones for $117 million, and it recently abandoned the Blue Microphone brand in favor of combining it with the rest of Logitech. The company also owns Astro, makers of headsets.

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Logitech buys Loupedeck – who are they?

Loupedeck LiveDexerto

Loupedeck got its start in 2018, producing a crowd-funded control panel specifically designed for Lightroom and Photoshop editing. After this, they developed a series of other control panels, including the Loupedeck Live.

When we reviewed the Loupedeck Live, we weren’t too big of a fan of the software it came with.

Loupedeck most recently rereleased the Live under the Razer brand as the “Stream Controller”. This was quickly superseded by the Razer Stream Controller X, not from Loupedeck.

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