Peripheral manufacturer Mountain acquired by “be quiet!” owners Listan Group

listan mountainListan Group

In an unexpected end to the year for the keyboard manufacturer Mountain. The company has been acquired by the Listan Group, which owns the PC company be quiet!

The company behind the PC component manufacturer be quiet! has acquired peripheral manufacturer Mountain, best known for their Everest lineup of keyboards.

The deal marks the first time Listan Group is moving outside their usual fare of PC parts. It is now shifting into the peripheral market to expand its repertoire.

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For a while now, the PC industry has seen companies grow their roster of products, in favor of a singular focus. Listan’s new move matches up with the industry’s current projection. Companies like Corsair and Razer now offer not only high-end laptops but chairs and headsets too.

Mountain’s current lineup has impressed us thoroughly. The Everest Max, 60, and the latest additions of the MacroPad and DisplayPad all score exceptionally well in our reviews.

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Mountain & Listan CEOs speak out

In a press release, the CEO of Mountain, Tobias Brinkmann, stated:

“The joint focus on innovative, high-quality product design makes MOUNTAIN a perfect fit for Listan and I am convinced that our joint strategies will enhance our strong market positioning and lead to more great products for our customers.”

Listan’s CEO, Stanislav Minkin also added:

“The peripheral market has above-average growth potential in gaming, streaming, and content creation.

“MOUNTAIN has only been in the market for two years but has seen tremendous success with its products in a very short period of time.”

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In the announcement, Minkin also hinted at the upcoming roadmap for Mountain’s lineup as well:

“In addition, it has an impressive roadmap of new products that are sure to make a big impact. With MOUNTAIN in our ranks, we can confidently target our next goals.”

Mountain now joins be quiet! and Xilence among the companies the Listan Group now owns.

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