Pengu retires from Rainbow Six to pursue content creation

Connor Bennett
G2 Pengu talking to camera
YouTube: G2

Rainbow Six Siege icon Niclas ‘Pengu’ Mouritzen has announced his retirement from the game, stepping down from G2’s roster and pursuing more content creation. 

Although Rainbow Six Siege might not be as massive an esport as Counter-Strike, Legen of Legends, or even Call of Duty, it has a hardcore fanbase and a vast pool of talented players.

A number, like Pengu, have made their name thanks to sick plays, domination in tournaments, and being fun to watch on streams.

The G2 Esports star has become one of Europe’s top Siege players over the last few years, but after a difficult period, he’s stepping away from active competition to pursue content creation.

Pengu is widely celebrated as Siege’s best player.

The shock announcement about Pengu’s exit came on March 1, as he revealed the news to his stream and G2 released an emotional video looking back on his career.

Pengu noted that he isn’t retiring because of a bad run of form, or lack of tournament wins, but because it’s something he’s been considering for a while – even when he was on top of the Siege world, winning events with G2.

“It’s been FIVE years. Five years of living my childhood dream, and getting to experience the most incredible things. I have stepped down as an active pro league player active as of this tweet,” he tweeted after the announcement went out, shocking some fans. “I can’t wait to show you what the future holds. But for now, we gotta be patient.”

In terms of fully stepping away from Siege and finding a new game, that’s not going to happen. The Dane explained that he’s going to make content and wants to attend Siege Invitationals in the future – be that as a fan, analyst, or content creator.

Fans will be no doubt eager to see where he goes following his retirement, but if his Siege career is anything to go by, he should do just fine.