Why the Logitech G Pro X 2 should be your next gaming headset

The Logitech G Pro X 2 headset in black and white on a gradient background

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Some might think that a gaming headset is just a way to channel a game’s audio to your ears, and nothing more. But, the difference between most off-the-shelf gaming headsets and the Logitech G Pro X 2 could make or break your esports performance. 

Lowly gaming headsets might offer an easy way to channel a game’s audio into your ears and communicate with your teammates, but there’s so much more going on under the hood that could help you raise your game. Whether you’re a Fortnite pro, or rising through the ranks in DOTA 2, the right kind of audio can give you an edge in the heat of battle.

We’ve had our hands on the headset for a few weeks now, and can staunchly say that what’s on offer with the Logitech G Pro X 2 is just a cut above most gaming headsets. This is due to a combination of quality hardware, like its graphene audio drivers, in tandem with its excellent software, which can tune the output of your favorite game’s audio. The cherry on top is that it just so happens to be wireless, and is comfortable to wear for hours at a time. 

Tech specs

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, 2.4GHz Logitech G Lightspeed dongle
  • Driver diameter: 50mm (90% Graphene)
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20 kHz
  • Weight: 344g
  • Compatibility: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Bluetooth
  • Features: Graphene driver, included carrying case, USB dongle, up to 50-hour battery life, detachable mic with external pop filter
  • Price: $249.99

Included in the box: Carrying case, 3.5mm cable, USB-A to USB-C cable, Lightspeed dongle.

Look & feel

As soon as you take it out of the box, the Logitech G Pro X 2 oozes quality. The headband is outfitted with a plush leatherette, while the frame is made from a lightweight aluminum and steel construction. This gives the headset a fantastic feel, and the addition of a rotating double hinge lets you pop the headset onto your neck while it’s not in use, too. 

The earpads themselves are also made of well-cushioned leatherette and are swappable to a velour finish. Its clamping force is not too tight, and allows for a fantastic seal in your ears, isolating the noise around you. 

Logitech G’s iconic G is present atop the earcup, where all of your controls are present, like the volume wheel, microphone mute function, Bluetooth switch, and a USB-C jack for charging the headset. Sporting a battery with up to 50 hours of charge, the Logitech G Pro X 2 won’t leave you without any juice, either.

Around the front of the earcup is a detachable microphone jack, where you’re able to plug in the 6mm cardioid microphone, which also gets souped up in Logitech G’s G Hub software. 

All of these elements coalesce into one of the most premium-feeling headsets that you can get right now, with a slick look, and fantastic features. We’d argue that this is one of the most luxurious-feeling headsets around right now. There’s no distasteful RGB, and you could easily wear it out and about without it being immediately obvious that you’re wearing a gaming headset. 

But, it’s not all about the looks, inside, the Logitech G Pro X 2 houses incredibly impressive technology. 

Graphene game-changer

Most gaming headsets in this price range use a 50mm driver, but Logitech G has engineered something slightly different here. The Logitech G Pro X 2 uses a Pro-G Graphene driver, which is groundbreaking new technology for gaming headsets. 

The new Pro-G Graphene driver is engineered to win, with a precision cut diaphragm and live edge suspension, which essentially cuts out all of the distortion being produced. This is achieved through a single hexagonal crystal lattice of carbon. This all comes together to produce audio with better precision, and more accurate sound reproduction. One crucial element here too is speed, allowing you to get an edge on your opponents. 

This materializes in the form of more subtle sounds being produced, which can so often be muffled in other audio products. With the Logitech G Pro X 2, this comes to the forefront and gives you an undeniable competitive advantage. 

Essentially, you can hear sounds like footsteps, gunfire, and the rustling of grass all with an incredibly fine detail. This means that you could hear enemies around you earlier than you would usually in games like CS:GO or Valorant. Equally, other competitive titles like DOTA 2 will also see a noticeable benefit through audio, allowing you to identify key audio cues while in the heat of the fight, allowing you to react accordingly. 

The Logitech G Pro X 2 is further bolstered by the presence of DTS Headphone: X 2.0 surround sound, which can further help pinpoint the location of enemy opponents on a map, which we used in Overwatch 2 to great effect. 

Logitech G-Hub is a joy to use

It would be remiss to not mention the various options available in the Logitech G Hub software here, which allows you to customize the EQ of the headset to your preferred genre. Having this tool is incredibly handy, and you can even switch out the EQ to a different profile whenever you want. 

This means that you can accentuate certain areas of sound depending on the genre you game on. In Fortnite, we found that enemy footsteps were much more pronounced while using the specific EQ ingame, directly compared to turning it off. 

It’s a really, really powerful tool to have sitting on your head, and it becomes as much a part of your gaming setup as a mouse or keyboard.

But, all the way through our testing, we thought the G Pro X 2 is one of the most versatile headsets out there, both for competitive esports titles, and single-player experiences like Diablo 4

The perfect storm

The Logitech G Pro X 2 is one of the most versatile headsets you can buy right now. From its graphene drivers, luxury design, and incredible software. But, it’s not all about the big stuff either. Small trimmings like long battery life, the availability of a Bluetooth connection, and your microphone input being enhanced by the Blue VO!CE software turns the headset into more than the sum of its parts. 

Most notably, even during longer gaming sessions, the Logitech G Pro X 2 manages to stay comfortable and cool. The lighter weight of the headset combined with the newly-added hinge above each earcup allows you to lay it around your neck while not in use. 

Additionally, finding the right fit for you is a breeze, and is only made better through the cushioning present on the earcups and headband. Even if you use it for years to come, there’s even a spare set of earpads in the box, to make it factory fresh in seconds. 

In competitive scenarios in titles like Fortnite and CS:GO, the headset sings. For anyone looking to get serious about upgrading their gaming peripheral setup, the Logitech G Pro X 2 should be right at the top of your list. 

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