Logitech is killing off its Blue microphone brand

Logitech Blue Mic being adjustedLogitech

Logitech is consolidating its Blue Microphones brand into the “Logitech G” moniker, this comes following the company acquiring the brand for $177 million in 2018.

Logitech is home to several sub-brands, most notably the Astro gaming headphone brand, in addition to Blue Microphones. With three distinctions for audio products, the company is now seeking to consolidate some of the branding, including getting rid of the “Blue” brand almost entirely.

In an FAQ posted by the brand on Twitter and Reddit, the company stated that there will be three brands being entirely folded into the Logitech G family. The first of which is Blue Microphones. The company states they will be retaining the “Yeti” brand and “Moving it under Logitech G”, while other technology, such as the BLUEVO!CE features will still be present on select Logitech G headsets.

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Astro headsets are already falling into the fold

Astro A30 DesignDexerto

Logitech further explained that Astro headsets will not be going anywhere soon, as the company explains: “The ASTRO brand will continue to live on as a premium console audio product series underneath the Logitech G brand.” They continue to tease that a new Astro product will also be released soon.

However, another victim of Logitech’s branding merge also appears to be its “Logitech for Creators” branding, which sold streaming gear such as lights and webcams. The company explains that it will be folded into Logitech G and “By combining the team and development capabilities of the Logitech G and Logitech for Creators teams, we can have a more integrated and optimized experience for gamers, streamers and creators.”

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This move seems to be a part of Logitech making its branding more clear, in addition to unifying its software output into Logitech G Hub, as the company notes on Reddit: “Some Logitech for Creators, and Blue products are already compatible in G Hub. Moving forward, new products will be added to the platform as they launch, but older products will not be added retroactively.”

Esports & sponsorships

Affiliate creators and sponsorships for Blue, Astro, and Logitech for Creators will be consolidated into Logitech G. It’s unclear whether or not consolidation also means dropping some support for existing creators, or not.

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With Astro Esports shutting its doors, Logitech has stated that “esports efforts will all shift underneath Logitech G and we will remain in the esports space.”

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