Razer Stream Controller X review: A true competitor

Dylan Horetski
Stream Controller X Razer

The Razer Stream Controller X offers content creators easy access to some of their most used commands while streaming, but is it worth buying over similar devices?

When it comes to live streaming, having easy access to some of your most used commands allows the creator to easily handle their broadcasts. Moreover, they can be helpful in other use cases for almost anyone who uses a PC, too.

From changing scenes in OBS to using shortcuts in Photoshop, the Razer Stream Controller X paired with the Loupedeck software gives users the control they need on and off stream.

But at $149, is it worth the purchase over similar products like the Elgato Stream Deck? We’ve spent weeks with Razer’s contender, and we’re finally ready to lay down the verdict.

Key Specs

  • Size: 111 x 80.7 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 146g (Stream Controller X only) Angle stand is 177g
  • Buttons: 15 LED Buttons
  • Connection: Detachable USB-C
  • Features: Removable faceplate, programmable buttons
  • Price: $149.99

Setup & Design

Razer Stream Controller
The Razer Stream Controller X comes in two pieces and can be used without the extra stand.

Setting up the Razer Stream Controller X is a premium experience thanks to the company’s high-quality packaging, something we’ve praised Razer for in the past.

Getting everything together is a breeze as well, just plug the USB-C cable into the back of the Stream Controller X and everything else snaps together with magnets.

Once you figure out the perfect spot for the device, peel off the bottom protective film and the pad underneath will prevent it from sliding around as you try to press one of its 15 buttons.

This is a massive upgrade from our launch model Elgato Stream Deck, which is nearly impossible to use without having it up against the wall or braced with your hand as you press its buttons.

Razer Stream Controller X
The Loupedeck software offers plugins for Adobe Creative Suit apps, Davinci Resolve, and more.

Razer’s Stream Controller X is powered by software from Loupedeck, which is available on both companies’ websites for download.

It’s a gorgeous device to have on your desk, thanks to Razer’s minimalistic branding on the Stream Controller X. Instead of in-your-face logo placement, Razer opted for a text logo underneath the 15 membrane LED buttons that’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it.

The included stand doesn’t offer angle adjustment, unfortunately, but the controller itself does offer a bit of an incline when in use without the stand. Razer’s website says the angles are eight degrees and fifty degrees respectively, making Razer’s stand slightly more upright than Elgato’s.

We would have really liked to see the Stream Controller X have mechanical button switches, as the membrane buttons are pretty mushy.

The faceplate on the device easily detaches, presumably for other options to customize your device, but we were unable to find any available through the Razer store. We’re looking forward to seeing what they can offer, however.

Loupedeck software

When it comes to ease of use, there’s no doubt that the Loupedeck software powering the Razer Stream Controller X could use a fair bit of work. However, once you get used to it and dig into the features, it becomes apparent how powerful it really is.

It comes with a set of default plugins that include hot keys for OBS Studio, Twitch Studio, and Spotify, although users can browse a large selection of other plugins and profiles right inside the app.

Loupedeck software
Loupedeck’s software takes a bit to get used to, but it’s really powerful.

For streamers, the plugins offer plenty of control over changing scenes in your stream as well as apps like Voicemod for hilarious sound bites to surprise your viewers with.

Where Loupedeck’s software really steps it up for content creators is plugins for apps like Davinci Resolve and the entire Adobe Creative Suite of apps.

These can be added to pages or easily accessible profiles, offering a wide range of shortcuts for your most used tools inside of each program.

Better control over your PC

Another major part of the Loupedeck-powered Razer Stream Controller X that we’re absolutely in love with is the in-depth ability to control your PC.

The Loupedeck desktop plugin offers the ability to program a button on the Stream Controller X to just about anything you can imagine, including keys on your keyboard or buttons on your mouse.

The Loupedeck software also gives Razer Stream Controller X owners the ability to control the volume for specific programs without a separate app like Elgato’s Wave Link.

Razer stream controller x
The default volume plugin allows users to mute specific programs.

Where it really shines for us, though, is the ability to use it as a numpad when working on expenses, budgets, or anything else.

Our Cooler Master CK720 doesn’t have F keys along the top, so adding a profile onto the Stream Controller X gives us super quick access to them without having to program each button separately.

Should you buy it?

If you’re in the market for a stream controller similar to Elgato’s Stream Deck, but don’t want to enter their ecosystem, Razer’s Stream Controller X is a great alternative.

It’s well-built, decently priced at $149.99, and a gorgeous addition to most setups.

The verdict: 4/5

We love the fact that the Razer Stream Controller X has a detachable face plate, but really wish they would have launched some alternatives alongside the device. Its software does also have a learning curve, and it’s something that we hope will be addressed in the future.

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