Streamlabs responds to claims “hack” letting anyone take over YouTube or Twitch channels

Andrew Amos

Streamlabs has responded to claims a “security vulnerability” with the popular streaming tool allowed anyone to take over a creator’s YouTube or Twitch channels, assuring users there’s no security flaw and no need to disconnect accounts.

Twitch streamers and YouTube creators alike were sent into a panic on February 1 after a content creator claimed the platform could be hacked by anyone went viral.

A tweet from Marvin Witt claimed “Streamlabs has a security vulnerability which lets people take over your linked YouTube [or] Twitch channel.”

The exploit reportedly allowed hackers to change the details on users’ YouTube and Twitch accounts. This included editing or permanently deleting YouTube videos ⁠— as per Streamlabs’ permissions ⁠— or altering Twitch stream details.

However, Streamlabs has assured users there is no security flaw, and creators’ YouTube and Twitch channels are not at threat of being hacked.

“Our developers have investigated this thoroughly, and we don’t believe there is an issue on our end causing these problems,” a spokesperson for Streamlabs told Dexerto. “We have no reason to believe anyone’s channel is not safe and secure.”

The platform claimed “the issue was reported by YouTubers who use Streamlabs as well as YouTubers without any linked accounts, meaning creators who have never used our service have experienced this issue.”

Streamlabs has also confirmed there are no issues with Twitch integration security.

Streamlabs donation box
Streamlabs is a popular tool among streamers for facilitating donations.

For content creators big and small who rely on Streamlabs for donations and other tools, the developers have added there’s no need to rush to un-link your Twitch and YouTube accounts from the platform.

“We have no reason to believe there is an issue with our service for any creator,” they said.