Bizarre Starfield New Game Plus bugs leave players scratching their heads

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Starfield players are baffled by a range of bizarre bugs that they’re encountering in the game’s New Game Plus mode.

Starfield, Bethesda’s epic open-world space adventure, offers a unique gameplay experience where players can explore a vast universe, all while completing quests and unlocking powerful abilities known as Starborn powers.

These powers are crucial elements to the gameplay experience for many and can be enhanced through New Game Plus, a game mode that allows players to revisit the game’s story, all while retaining their abilities and knowledge.

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Yet Starfield’s New Game Plus is proving to be chaotic for some players who are encountering severe bugs and glitches, including permanent invisibility and being stuck in Phased Time.

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Starfield’s NG+ glitch causes chaos with endless bugs

Note: Starfield New Game Plus spoilers ahead.

Upon entering Starfield’s New Game Plus mode, players are essentially reborn into a new universe.

Every game has a different way of approaching New Game Plus, but Starfield’s is one that adds replayability to the game and also allows players to continue to strengthen their 24 Starborn powers by visiting the game’s controversially “tedious” temples. In fact, the temples have been labeled so “dreadful” that players are cheating for the first time just to bypass them.

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Reaching New Game Plus 10 is possible after reaching a total of these 240 temples, meaning that any player who reaches this milestone has managed a remarkable achievement or simply cheated numerous times.

However, it seems like it comes with a handful of unexpected challenges for players, at the very least.

One dedicated player who managed to reach NG+10 posted their unusual experience on Reddit, sharing a gameplay clip along with the title, “Welcome to NG+10. I’m completely invisible without clothes and phased time X is permanent.”

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Phased Time, one of the game’s many special powers, is known for slowing gameplay to a near halt, providing a unique strategic advantage in combat situations.

However, Phased Time was never-ending for this player, causing a significantly slowed gameplay experience even when walking around. Additionally, the gameplay clip shows a strange bug that left their character permanently invisible.

The player was left baffled by the experience, writing that they’ve just gone back to stay in NG+ 9 for now until the bugs and glitches in NG+ were resolved.

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But it seems that these bizarre bugs aren’t all that rare.

The community was fast to jump in with quick fixes and potential solutions to the issues, with one player suggesting, “Phase time will occasionally bug out and not end. If that happens, you can save, exit, and reload. When you reload, you’ll be in Phased time still, but it will end in a moment (or at least that is how I fix it).”

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Another experienced Starfield player chimed in, saying, “If you sit anywhere like one of those benches, it will fix it.”

While the fixes may provide temporary relief for players encountering these bizarre bugs and glitches in their Starfield New Game Plus journey, others may simply want to wait for proper fixes to be announced.

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