Starfield player’s epic New Game Plus journey ends with jaw-dropping twist

Jake Nichols
A screenshot from the game StarfieldBethesda Game Studios

One Starfield player’s incredible journey is set to come to an end after encountering an epic twist during NG+33.

Bethesda’s Starfield certainly arrived with a fair share of surprises for players. The game launched in September to mixed feedback in which players and popular streamers criticized the game’s story and features, all while keen fans of the game promised that the “real game” starts in the New Game Plus (NG+) mode.

The NG+ mode encourages players to continue playing over and over again, allowing fans to restart their adventure with certain progress retained but in an alternate universe, offering unique twists and discoveries.

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And now, thanks to one player’s remarkable update, Starfield fans are learning that there are more secrets hiding in Starfield’s NG+ mode than meets the eye. Warning. Spoilers ahead.

An X (formerly known as Twitter) user by the name of Niko Mueller shared one of the most incredible Starfield updates to date. After somehow managing to reach NG+33, the player came across an astonishing twist.

Upon re-entering one of the game’s first scenes, in which players enter The Lodge, they encounter their very own character from the first playthrough and witness themselves handing over the artifact to the Constellation.

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It all plays out in an unexpected cutscene in which Sarah says, “We seem to have another visitor,” only to find that the player’s character from the first universe then turns around and speaks to the player as well.

The Inception moment is more than just a cutscene, as the player reported that they were able to convince themself to join their crew.

Furthermore, Niko noted that the alternate version of themself retained the same stats from their first playthrough, had a detailed past for questioning, expressed a desire to introduce the player to her parents, and was curious about the player’s journey and transformation into a Starborn.

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Niko promises to share more updates regarding this interesting playthrough in which they’ve finally decided to settle down on the 34th multiverse.

We’ll keep you updated on Starfield, which is proving to be as unpredictable as ever.

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