Dedicated Starfield fans have mapped out its entire galaxy ahead of release

Starfield Warp TravelBethesda

In an effort of singular determination, a group of Starfield fans has coded an interactive map of the game’s entire galaxy.

Starfield is so close we can almost taste it and hype levels are reaching critical mass. Bethesda’s space-exploration RPG is one of the most hotly anticipated games in recent memory.

Since a massive gameplay reveal at Summer Games Fest, prospective players have been not-so-patiently waiting to get their hands on the title. The excitement for its launch on September 6 is so palpable that fans are actually urging one another to rein it in.

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One cohort of Starfield fans hasn’t been able to contain themselves, however. In a tremendous labor of love, they’ve managed to publish an interactive map of every star system in the game.

Starfield Fan MapUnknown Starfield Fan
This screenshot does little to convey the massive scale of the map.

How did Starfield fans create a working map of the galaxy?

Bethesda has promised Starfield’s open world will be absolutely massive in scale with over 1,000 planets to explore. These planets are housed in over 100 star systems, all of which are contained in the fan-made map.

The spectacular feat becomes even more impressive when you realize how it was achieved. Equipped with only small snippets of gameplay footage and their own knowledge of our galactic map, they set to the task.

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They used a 6-second clip from the game’s early reveal to chart the movement of the stars. They cross-referenced existing maps of the Milky Way to accurately render a 3D map of the game’s explorable galaxy.

The map has since been updated with names of systems from later footage. It is currently the most detailed sneak peek of Starfield’s galactic frontier.

A mysterious solar system in Starfield.Bethesda
The solar systems in Starfield will each contain a number of explorable planets.

The map does not yet feature all of Starfield’s procedurally generated planets and it is unknown whether that will be possible. Particularly before launch.

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The key to any intrepid exploration of a vast galaxy is preparation. If you want to be as well equipped for your journey into the universe of Starfield, check out our list of guides before release.

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