Starfield fans urge community to ‘rein in the hype’ to avoid No Man’s Sky repeat

Jake Nichols
Starfield official trailer

Amid the rising tide of speculation sparked by Starfield’s recent animated shorts, fans are urging the community to ‘rein in the hype,’ voicing concerns about a repeat of the disappointment experienced with No Man’s Sky’s initial release.

Just as excitement for Starfield seemed to be hitting its peak, the release of three animated shorts sent the speculation meter into overdrive. These shorts, offering sneak peeks at three of Starfield’s major city centers, showcased one particular element that has captured the community’s imagination: the tantalizing hint of mechs.

This resulted in rampant speculation about the possibility of in-game mechs, despite Bethesda’s confirmation that Starfield won’t feature ground vehicles. Some fans have even theorized that mech-based DLC might be on the horizon.

A concerned Reddit user initiated the call for temperance in the midst of the speculation frenzy. “As a fellow creator of content for Starfield… I just have to say, some of the stuff I have seen pulled out of thin air is absolutely astonishingly full of pure bull,” they posted. “Like I am talking No Man’s Sky Level of crap.”

They continued, highlighting a statement from Todd Howard, Bethesda’s executive producer: “Your Boostpack is your only form of ground traversal besides your own two feet.” The post emphasized the importance of relying on confirmed information to guide expectations rather than speculation.

Many fans on Reddit agreed with the sentiment and shared their thoughts. One stated, “The people who look for a tiny little detail and go off the rails about it are probably gonna do that with anything and it shows they maybe lack critical thinking skills.” Another chimed in, accusing some YouTubers of perpetuating baseless theories for views and “playing the algorithm while it’s hot.”

With such a high-profile game like Starfield, the hype is inevitable. However, fans emphasize the importance of keeping expectations in check and not letting speculation fuel unrealistic anticipation.

This sentiment highlights the broader issue in the gaming community where hype, fueled by speculation and rumors, often leads to disappointment when the final product doesn’t meet inflated expectations.

After all, as one user put it, “Hype is a drug.”

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