Will Starfield’s physical editions include a disc?

Brianna Reeves
Starfield physical edition discBethesda Softworks

Following lots of confusion, Bethesda has clarified whether or not Starfield’s physical editions will come with a disc included.

It’s become increasingly common for special editions of games to launch without a disc in tow. Thus, players who spend hundreds of dollars on Collector’s Editions are often left with steelbook cases featuring digital codes.

The recent news that Alan Wake 2 will only launch digitally especially set off alarms for those who still prefer physical media.

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It seemed Starfield was poised to head in a similar direction, but, fortunately, Bethesda has cleared up the confusion.

Physical versions of Starfield’s Standard edition will feature a disc

In response to a fan’s question over the weekend, the Bethesda Support Twitter account noted the following: “All [Starfield] physical editions include a code for the chosen platform. There are no physical discs.”

The tweet has since been deleted, but Wayback Machine (via Eurogamer) won’t soon forget the message. To the delight of many, Bethesda just cleared up the confusion in a post on its official website.

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The post in question clarifies that a game disc will be included for physical purchases of Starfield’s Standard edition on Xbox. As one would expect, physical purchases for PC will come with a digital code.

Bethesda’s write-up on the matter reads as follows: “Starfield Standard Edition is included with Xbox Game Pass. Game disc included with physical purchases of Xbox Standard Edition. Game code included with physical purchases on PC Standard edition.”

Naturally, such talk has further inflamed conversations around the potential of an all-digital future.

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Many think the age of digital-only game releases is just around the corner. But the idea that people soon won’t “own” the experiences they purchase doesn’t sit well with some enthusiasts.

Starfield hits PC and Xbox Series X|S later this year on September 6.

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