Stardew Valley farming guide: What are the best Fall crops to farm?

Samantha Giambra
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Stardew Valley offers a variety of crops to cultivate in the Fall, so it’s crucial to choose the most profitable ones for a hefty income in the marketplace.

Growing crops is an effective way to earn substantial money in the early stages of Stardew Valley, but they also serve as ingredients for products that bring in even greater profits later.

In this guide, we will discuss the best Fall Crops in Stardew Valley, why they are the best, and how to make the most of each of them in the game.

What Fall Crops are available in Stardew Valley?

The following Fall Crops are able to be purchased and grown in Stardew:

Crop:Time to Grow:Where to Buy:Cost:
Amaranth7 DaysPierre’s Store70g
Artichoke 8 Days Pierre’s Store30g
Beets6 DaysThe Oasis (Desert)20g
Bok Choy4 Days Pierre’s Store50g
Corn 14 Days (regrows every 4 days)Pierre’s Store150g
Cranberries7 Days (regrows every 5 days, yields 2 cranberries per plant)Pierre’s Store240g
Egglplant 5 Days (regrows every 5 days)Pierre’s Store20g
Fairy Rose12 Days Pierre’s Store200g
Grape10 Days (regrows every 3 days)Pierre’s Store60g
Pumpkin13 DaysPierre’s Store100g
Sunflower8 DaysPierre’s Store200g
Sweet Gem Berry24 DaysTraveling Cart1,000g
Wheat 4 Days Pierre’s Store10g
Yam 10 DaysPierre’s Store60g
Regular quality Cranberries can make gold too!

Does crop quality affect the sale price?

Each crop has a base selling price and max selling price, which varies depending on the quality of the crop harvested.

There are four different qualities of crops you can harvest:

  • Regular Quality
  • Silver Quality
  • Gold Quality
  • Iridium Quality

The amount that each crop will sell for depends on the quality of the crop you harvest each time you pick them.

What are the most profitable Fall Crops?

Here is a list of the five most profitable Fall crops in Stardew Valley in order and a range of what they can sell for depending on the quality of each crop:

5. Eggplant

  • Selling Price: Between 60-120g

Farming eggplants can be lucrative, as they do not have a long growth time and will continue to grow every five days throughout the Fall season. This means you have the ability to make around 11 gold per day per eggplant.

Eggplants are also used in several different recipes throughout the game, so saving a few to cook up some grub to resell can also make a hefty amount of gold if you remain patient while learning all of the recipes.

Don’t forget about the Community Center either! Eggplant is required to complete the Fall Bundle within the community center, so make sure to plant and harvest at least one of these crops during the Fall season.

4. Grapes

  • Selling Price: Between 80-160g

Grapes are another great crop to harvest during the Fall, as they sell for a high base minimum base price. However, they are quite expensive to initially purchase though, which might make it harder for beginners to purchase them in bulk at the start of the season.

Grapes are also used later on down the line to make wine in a Keg which can be sold for 3 times the base fruit value per bottle, meaning each bottle of wine made with grapes will sell for around 240 gold. This can provide a huge profit if you stockpile grapes throughout the Fall and make wine with them during other seasons.

3. Cranberries

  • Selling Price: Between 75-150g

Since cranberries regrow on their own throughout the season, they are another crop that can yield high profits during the fall. These also sell for a decent price at regular quality and just like grapes, they can also be used to make wine.

You will also receive two cranberries every time you harvest, meaning double the profit every harvest!

2. Pumpkin

  • Selling Price: Between 320-640g

Who doesn’t think of pumpkins when they think of Fall? Jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice, pumpkin seeds; the list is almost endless!

But pumpkins will take a long time to grow, which is why they need to be planted as soon as possible during Fall, and you will need a decent sum of money to get them in bulk since they are a bit on the pricier side like grapes.

Using fertilizer to help these babies grow will also give you a higher return on investment, but that method isn’t for everyone since fertilizer is also a bit expensive if you aren’t making it yourself.

1. Sweet Gem Berry

  • Selling Price: Between 3,000-8,000g

These berries are nothing to scoff at, and though they come with an extremely high price tag per seed they are well worth it in the long run.

Sweet gem berries come from Rare Seeds, cost 1,000 gold each to purchase, and take a massive amount of time to grow; 24 days to be exact. Even though they are quite expensive, they are still one of the most profitable crops currently available in the game, as even the regular quality sweet gem berries sell for 3,000 gold.

In order to purchase these, you will need to have access to the Travelling Cart merchant, and they can only be bought during Spring and Summer. That means if you plan on planting these berries, you will need to think ahead of the Fall season.

These will grow in any season and you can make your own Rare Seeds using a seed maker. To make your own, you will need to use one Sweet gem berry inside of the seed maker and wait for it to produce.

There you have it! These are the best Fall crops in Stardew Valley at this time. Read below for more tips and tricks on the popular farming sim.

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