9 Stardew Valley farm layout ideas in 2023: Beach farm, Flower Forest & more

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Farming is an integral part of Stardew Valley, helping you gather the resources you need to survive. With that in mind, here are nine Stardew Valley farm layout ideas to give you the best possible start in the game, from a Beach farm to those in the Forest.

Stardew Valley is a relaxing farming simulator that’s available on consoles, PC, and mobile platforms. While the game started as a modest indie title, it has evolved into a beloved franchise with a committed and ever-growing community of players. Although getting started can be a little confusing to new players, especially those who need Stardew Valley farm layout ideas.

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The game lets players create a range of different farm layouts, some focused on crops and animals, while other Stawdew Valley farms are centered around creating more bespoke and varied products, like jam, honey, and even alcoholic drinks to sell at the market.


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There are plenty of Stardew Valley farm layouts to give players lots of fun choices when building their perfect homestead.

Stardew Valley farm layout ideas

Here’s a list of the nine best farm layout ideas in Stardew Valley:

Arable farm (crops)

This is the standard Crop Farm that the game encourages you to build in Stardew Valley, placing crops at the very center of what your farm does. From here, dedicate separate space for any other additions such as livestock, mining, and any other activities you fancy indulging in.

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We recommend crafting things like iridium sprinklers as quickly as you can to ensure your crops grow so your farms become profitable quickly. Also, build a stable so you can dash to town on horseback at a moment’s notice.

Livestock farm

This is a farm centered around rearing animals and their produce. It should include barns, chicken coops, grazing areas, and a variety of livestock including cows, goats, pigs, and sheep. You can also include chickens, ducks, and even rabbits. We’d also advise you to build a sturdy fence to keep your animals safe and secure.

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A livestock farm is one of the most fun farms to cultivate in Stardew Valley and can work well alongside an arable farm. However, we’d advise you to treat both as separate entities, even if they are nearby. In time though, the profits from one will help support the other.

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Barns are helpful places to store livestock in Stardew Valley.

Self-Sufficient wilderness

The idea behind this farm is to create a wild wilderness where animals and crops essentially raise and maintain themselves. It’s less work for the player, although the results can be a little harder to control than a carefully cultivated farm that is focused on growing/rearing certain things.

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Use the Wilderness Map for the best chance at creating a self-sufficient farm. This is because there’s more chance of certain crops and animals appearing on the land in this region. The map is already suited to your needs, all you need to do is collect the bounty and steer it in the direction you want.

Of course, you’ll also need to fend off monsters that attack at night too!

Industrial farm

For those who want to create an efficient farm that works more like a production line. This is a well-organized and structured farm that is focused on creating as many resources as possible quickly, and without spending too much money.

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This then ends up being a self-sufficient farm in many ways once it’s set up. However, this is the sort of farm that will benefit from constant tweaks and improvements to maintain its productivity. Use the Standard Farm Map for an industrial farm and try to keep it close to a source of trees and other resources for maximum efficiency.

Lush forest farm

A forest farm is best set up in the Forest Map and needs a lot of space to work properly. This type of farm benefits from the Wilderness Farm approach in many ways, but only in the area surrounding the farm itself.

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In the center of your forest, you should dedicate some space to growing crops and cultivating some grazing areas for animals – like a more traditional farm within a natural woodland setting. This allows you to run your farm while taking advantage of what the surrounding forest provides.

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Stardew Valley farms layouts can be organized however the player likes.

Flower forest

This farm is the same concept as the Lush Forest above, but places more emphasis on flowers to create products like honey, preserves, and anything else that can be farmed from flowers in Stardew Valley.

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Of course, you can create flower patches on any other type of farm, but for best results, we’d recommend the Lush Forest approach which also incorporates windmills and greenhouses to maintain your output throughout the colder seasons.

Mining farm

A Mining Farm is best set up on the Hill-top Map and is focused on farming minerals rather than crops and animals. The idea is to set up the mine near where nodes and rocks are likely to spawn, then chip away at them for the goodies within.

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It may be worth setting up a separate Mining farm to make use of this strategy, or you can try to set up your main farm in an area that allows you to harvest minerals as well as crops.

Riverside/Beach farm

A Riverside farm can be created on the Riverland Map and has its own advantages, such as letting the player explore islands to pick fruit from the trees. The river makes structuring the farm a little harder, but those who decide to set up their farm here will find the unique location that helps cultivate certain crops and artisanal products.

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This style of farm may be best suited for experienced players, but it’s certainly worth building an outpost here or traveling to the river frequently to search for fruit and other unique items.

A player fishing by a riverConcernedApe
Fishing in the river is an excellent way to make money in Stardew Valley.


If you do create a Riverside farm, this can be an excellent location for a Brewery, or to supply a Brewery you build elsewhere (such as your Arable Farm). As the name implies, Breweries are for creating and supplying alcohol-based products, so they require a steady stream of fruit and crops to run efficiently, but the rewards can be great.

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Kegs can be crafted for fermenting wines, juice, beer, and more. Breweries also work well with other farm types to produce artisanal products, so it pays to create one wherever you choose to put your main farm.

So, there you have it – nine of the best farm layouts in Stardew Valley to try in your next game!

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