How to get Iridium Ore in Stardew Valley: All recipes & locations

Finding Iridium Ore in a mineConcerned Ape

Knowing where to find Iridium Ore in Stardew Valley and how to get it is an important but frustrating venture. Here’s exactly how to get it, where to get it, and what it can be used for.

Iridium ore is a key item often found throughout the later part of Stardew Valley. However, actually knowing where to find Iridium Ore can be a challenge — an area many veteran players understand all too well. Even after finding the resource, you’ll need to know what you can use Iridium Ore for in Stardew Valley.

Iridium Ore as a whole is tricky to find but useful to have throughout your farm, particularly when it comes to upgrading tools to the highest level. Luckily with the right know-how and an understanding of the locations, you can get a plethora of Stardew Valley’s Iridium Ore.

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How To Get Iridium Ore

Finding Iridium in the cave and the travelling merchantConcerned Ape
Finding Iridium can be tough so you need the right items.

Getting hold of Iridium Ore is a challenge on its own, and that’s without wanting to make an Iridium Bar. However, it’s not always the location that proves to be a challenge. After all, nothing is worse than finding Iridium Ore lying around and not having the money or tools to get hold of it.

It’s wise to keep up to 2,000 gold when traveling near the Travelling cart or other higher quality merchants as they can sometimes sell Iridium Ore for between 300 and 1000 gold each.

Or if mining, the higher quality tool you have the quicker you can mine, and therefore less energy gets deducted.

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Where to find Iridium Ore

Six cucumber ponds producing Iridium oresConcerned Ape
One of the best ways to get Iridium Ore is through the Super Cucumber Ponds.

There are surprisingly plenty of places you can find Iridium Ore in Stardew Valley. They may be a bit far away or long-winded, but that is the nature of this late-game resource. You can find Iridium Ore in the following locations:

  • At the Travelling Cart for 300 – 1000 gold (occasionally).
  • Finding Magma and Omni Geodes between levels 115 and 119 in the mines.
  • Mining the fallen meteorite that lands on the farm.
  • Looking for Mystic Stones and Iridium Nodes in the Quarry.
  • Heading to the lower levels of The Skull Cavern. Particularly by fighting Iridium bats or Iridium Crabs.
  • Filling a pond with nine Super Cucumbers.
  • Gaining The Statue of Perfection.
  • Occasionally found by fishing up Treasure Chests.
  • Occasionally found by Panning.

Recipes that use Iridium Ore in Stardew Valley

When it comes to using recipes that require Iridium Ore in Stardew Valley, many will be surprised to see that there are very few options. The main reason you will need this resource is to craft Iridium Bars which can be done using five Iridium Ore and one Coal. Placing this in a furnace will take eight in-game hours to complete.

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Aside from crafting Iridium Bars, there are two more recipes that require Iridium Ore, these include:

  • The Deluxe Scarecrow: Requires 50 Wood, 1 Iridium Ore, and 40 Fiber
  • The Warp Totem: Desert: Requires 2 Hardwood, 1 Coconut, and 4 Iridium Ores

There you have it, everything you need to know about where to find Iridium Ore in Stardew Valley. Check out our Stardew Valley page for more guides and news.