How to craft Artisan Equipment in Stardew Valley: All Artisan Machines explained

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There are a plethora of crafting machines for players to create and utilize on their farms in Stardew Valley, but Artisan Machines are easily one of the most profitable and important.

With there being so many different machines and items to craft with each machine, it can become difficult to know where to focus and what to craft to maximize output as well as profits.

Some of these Artisan products, such as Oil and Honey, are used in other crafting recipes that can make or break your playthrough. Having at least one of each of these machines will put you on the right path in terms of making the most of your time on the farm.

In this Stardew Valley crafting guide, we will cover how to craft Artisan equipment that will turn regular everyday crops and products into hefty money-makers.

Every Artisan goods machine in Stardew Valley

Here are all eight of the Artisan Machines that you can craft, what you’ll need to assemble them, and how they can help you make these Artisan products.

Item:How to unlock the recipe:Materials Needed:What it does:
bee house stardew valley
Bee House
– Reach Farming Level 3– x40 Wood
– x8 Coal
– x1 Iron Bar
– x1 Maple Syrup
Attracts bees that will produce Honey every 4 in-game days. Does not produce in Winter.
cask in Stardew Valley
– Upgrade Farmhouse to level 3 with the Cellar– x20 Wood
– x1 Hardwood
Ages products such as cheese and wine into higher quality items. Takes several in-game days depending on end quality.
cheese press in stardew Valley
Cheese Press
– Reach Farming Level 6– x45 Wood
– x45 Stone
– x10 Hardwood
– x1 Copper Bar
Turns all types of Milk into different types of Cheese. Each type of Milk takes a varying amount of time.
keg in Stardew Valley
– Reach Farming Level 8– x30 Wood
– x1 Copper Bar
– x1 Iron Bar
– x1 Oak Resin
Turns fruit or vegetable products into a beverage. Each type of beverage takes a varying amount of time.
loom in Stardew Valley
– Reach Farming Level 7– x60 Wood
– x30 Fiber
– x1 Pine Tar
Turns raw wool from Rabbits or Sheep into Cloth. Takes four in-game hours.
Mayonnaise machine Stardew Valley
Mayonaise Machine
– Reach Farming Level 2– x15 Wood
– x15 Stone
– x1 Earth Crystal
– x1 Copper Bar
Turns all types of Eggs into different types of Mayonaise. Each type of Egg takes a varying amount of time.
oil maker in Stardew Valley
Oil Maker
– Reach Farming Level 8– x50 Slime
– x20 Hardwood
– x1 Gold Bar
Turns Corn, Sunflower Seeds, Sunflowers, or Truffles into different Oils depending on the ingredient used. Each type of Oil takes a varying amount of time.
preserve jar in Stardew Valley
Preserves Jar
– Reach Farming Level 4– x50 Wood
– x40 Stone
– x8 Coal
Turns vegetable products into Pickled products and fruit products into Jam products. Each type of preserve takes a varying amount of time.

While there may not be too many of these Artisan machines, each one of them can really rake in the gold when used efficiently and with the correct products. Testing new products and checking prices will be the easiest way to ensure your success on your crafting journey.

There you have it! These are all of the Artisan Goods machines available in Stardew Valley at this time. Read below for more tips and tricks on the popular farming sim.

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