Is Smash Ultimate getting bonus fighters? Leakers share conflicting reports

Master Chief unlocked in Smash UltimateNintendo

With Smash Ultimate only having one DLC character remaining in Fighters Pass Volume 2, there have been plenty of rumors and leaks about bonus fighters happening in the future, but insiders have been hearing conflicting reports.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is easily one of the biggest fighting games of all time, with fighters from so many different franchises and not just those owned by Nintendo.

Solid Snake, Cloud, Kazuya, Steve, Banjo and even Sephiroth have all been great additions, either as DLC or as returnees from previous Smash titles, resulting in a roster for the ages. As such, it’s clear that no one wants the party to end.

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Fighters Pass Volume 2 has added five extra DLC slots to the mix so far, with one remaining character still yet to be announced. Despite series creator Masahiro Sakurai insisting this is the last one, that hasn’t stopped some pretty convincing evidence from surfacing.

Sakurai waves to cameraNintendo
Sakurai claimed the final Fighters Pass Volume 2 character is the last.

Evidence of Smash bonus fighters

Back in April, fans discovered that a listing on the official Nintendo website seemed to suggest that a bonus character was in the works.

Due to how every purchasable game/DLC/bundle has its code listed, there is a bizarre gap with Challenger Pack 11’s code ending in 72 while the Ancient Helm Mii outfit users get by purchasing the second pass ends in 74.

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If this wasn’t enough, a leak on a message board that correctly claimed Dante would be a Mii costume and hinted at Pyra and Kazuya being DLC fighters also emerged.

This leak, which featured a rapping Mario image, claimed that there would be numerous bonus DLC fighters.

According to the leaker, a Capcom fighter would round out the Fighters Pass, and hinted it would be Phoenix Wright. Zelda would be getting an additional character as well as a Fortnite representative. They added that Waluigi would end up being the true final character to round out Smash.

It also claimed that numerous other companies will be involved in Smash, including Activision, Game Freak, Sega, Valve, Microsoft and Konami, but these could be limited to Spirit events.

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Smash Ultimate DLC leakA leaker who predicted the Dante Mii outfit says more fighters are coming.

Insider debunks Smash bonus fighter DLC leak

Despite the evidence of a possible bonus character, a notable Nintendo insider by the name of Samus Hunter is telling fans not to get their hopes up.

Taking aim at the rapping Mario leak directly, they warned not to “expect other fighters after the end of the second fighter pass.”

“The only update the game will receive after are spirit events and balance patches. I know that they removed the August 2018 Direct, but right now I don’t have details to give you on that.”

Earlier in August, Nintendo bizarrely removed a 2018 Smash Direct that saw King K Rool, along with Simon and Richter Belmont announced for the roster. The random deletion caught many fans by surprise and has led to many theories as to why it was pulled.

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“Last time I heard about Smash dedicated presentations was with another Sakurai Presents video. While a Direct is a better event to celebrate Ultimate ending given its larger scope, I don’t have evidence for that right now,” Samus Hunter added.

As far as Phoenix Wright or another Capcom fighter rounding out the DLC goes, Samus Hunter isn’t “objecting” to the idea per se, but isn’t sure on their identity just yet.

In any case, it’s anyone’s guess as to what will happen with Smash Ultimate after Fighters Pass Volume 2 is done, but both reports make it clear that Spirit events and balance patches will continue.

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