Top 5 best characters to end Smash Ultimate Fighters Pass Volume 2 DLC

Michael Gwilliam
Sora, Master Chief and Crrash Bandicoot in smash ultimateSquare Enix/Microsoft/Activision

Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s DLC run will come to an end in December with the release of the final fighter. With so many new, exciting characters joining the roster over the years, the last one should be a banger. But who?

In its lifespan, Smash Ultimate has given us numerous third party legends that rocked our world such as Sephiroth, Banjo and even Steve from Minecraft. As such, they’re a tough act to follow, especially if Nintendo is saving the best for last.

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While it’s more than possible that the final DLC ends up being a first-party, such as a Zelda representative in preparation for Breath of the Wild 2, Smash wouldn’t really be Ultimate if it didn’t end with a major send off.

Here are our five picks for the top characters to close out Fighters Pass Volume 2 in style.

Tyu Hayabusa in Ninja GaidenTecmo
Ryu Hayabusa has been a frequent name in Smash DLC discussion.

Ryu Hayabusa

The Ninja Gaiden protagonist has been rumored since the first Fighters Pass and seems like a perfect fit for Ultimate, appealing to both Western and Japanese audiences.

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For a series with such a storied history on Nintendo systems it’s hard to believe that Ryu hasn’t gotten an invitation yet, even though the devs would be happy to accept one.

Plus, seeing as Ryu is a character in the Dead or Alive games, he would be yet another fighting game crossover, joining the likes of Street Fighter’s Ryu and Ken, Tekken’s Kazuza, and Fatal Fury’s Terry Bogard.

Eggman in smash brosSega
Sonic needs another fighter in the Smash.

Dr Eggman/Robotnik

Regardless of what you call him, Sonic’s nemesis certainly deserves a role in Smash. Despite being a massive franchise, Sonic is severely under represented in Nintendo’s flagship fighter and Eggman can help fix that.

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The fact that Final Fantasy 7 has two fighters in Smash while Sonic only has the one seems completely asinine. Plus, we haven’t had a heavyweight DLC fighter ever, so Eggman can tick off yet another box.

Seeing as Eggman has so many different mechanized vehicles and boss forms, Sakurai could bring us something really special if he is the final DLC.

Sora from Kingdom Hearts smilesSquare Enix
Sora could set the internet on fire if he made it to Smash.


Kingdom Hearts fans want one thing and it’s disgusting: for Sora to join Smash. Can’t say we blame them.

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While Sora may have been deconfirmed very far back, it’s still possible that he ends up being a surprise final character, bringing in yet another Square Enix icon.

Yes, he may be another anime-styled sword fighter, but he’s definitely one of the most popular, appealing to fans across the globe and worthy of that final slot.

Crash Bandicoot from Crash 4Activision
Crash would bring all the 90s mascots together.

Crash Bandicoot

Getting Crash in Smash would bring all of the 90s mascots under the same roof with Mario, Sonic and Crash finally able to duke it out.

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Of all the characters listed, Crash seems like the most important from a history perspective, serving as Sony’s pseudo mascot in the early PlayStation days back before God of War and Ratchet would grace the system.

He’s been long rumored for good reason and could be as big of a reveal as Sonic was back when Brawl was announced.

Master Chief poses with weapon in HaloMicrosoft
Master Chief would be the best way to round out Smash DLC.

Master Chief/Doom Slayer

Okay, we’re kind of cheating here, but hear us out. As far as FPS representatives go, Master Chief is the obvious addition, being a modern mascot and a household name. That said, Doom Slayer has a history on Nintendo and has been around longer.

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Truthfully, either of these two characters would be amazing with Master Chief narrowly ahead. Think of it like Master Chief as a 1A while Doom Slayer is 1B.

Having him “finish the fight” would absolutely send the internet into a frenzy and having Xbox’s mascot in Smash would be a dream come true.

We have no idea who the final DLC really will be, but with Fighters Pass Volume 2 finishing in December, it’s likely we will only find out at The Game Awards. Until then, we can only speculate and hope that Nintendo can deliver one last hurrah.

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