Big Japanese Smash Ultimate poll reveals who players want as final DLC fighter

Joker holds smash invitationNintendo

A huge new Super Smash Bros Ultimate poll has revealed who Japanese players want to see as the final DLC in Fighters Pass Volume 2.

It’s not uncommon to see Japanese audiences request entirely different fighters than their Western counterparts, as previous polls out of Japan have shown.

Now, with only a single DLC fighter remaining, the stakes have never been higher. The biggest Smash game in history will finally have its roster finalized and this is the likely last chance many players will have to see iconic gaming matchups never thought imaginable.

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The poll, conducted by Inside-Games, had a total of 2,858 responses and the responses are very intriguing to say the least.

Smash Ultimate creator Sakurai works at his deskNintendo
Japanese fans want Sakurai as a Smash fighter.

Sakurai as a Smash Fighter?!

For instance, the “character” with the tenth-most votes is none other than series creator Masahiro Sakurai himself.

Amusingly, Sakurai has said that Smash will only feature video game characters, so any real-life person or anime hero such as Goku won’t be added. While fans may want Sakurai, it’s very unlikely the Smash boss goes back on his word to add himself.

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At least players can still make him as a Mii fighter if they’re ever so inclined.

Among Us in Smash UltimateNintendo/gamebanana
Mods can bring Among Us to Smash Ultimate.

Imposter, Cindereace and Hunter

Strangely, the Imposter from Among Us also made the top 10. Despite the ongoing popularity of Among Us, the roster for Fighters Pass Volume 2 was decided before the game truly went mainstream.

Just like with Sakurai, however, if fans really want Among Us, there are ways to go about adding it, such as through mods.

The Pokemon Cinderace and the Hunter from Monster Hunter also made the list. Cinderace has long been one of the most popular Pokemon candidates and with no ‘Mon rep in either of the two DLC packs thus far, could be a fun way to close out the Fighters Pass.

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Crash BandicootActivision
Japanese fans are down for Crash to round out Fighters Pass Volume 2.

Monster Hunter, however, seems like more of a long shot, especially with the series having Mii Fighter outfits added in a recent patch.

Crash for Smash

The big news for fans and something Western players would be happy to see is that Crash Bandicoot is very much wanted by Japanese audiences.

In sixth place, Crash is definitely a legitimate candidate and has had so many rumors suggesting he will be added to the game at some point.

The fact that non-western players are on board with him should bode well for his chances of rounding out the pass.

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Sora from Kingdom Hearts with Goofy and Donald DuckSquare Enix
Nintendo apparently reached out about getting Sora in Smash.

Fans still demand Sora

Finally, the remaining names are ones players should really take note of. 2B from Nier, Reimu Hakurei and Sora from Kingdom Hearts would be yet another anime-style sword character but are all in high-demand.

Sora topped the poll receiving 377 votes, more than 100 more than second-place Bandana Waddle Dee who had 174.

Seeing Kingdom Hearts in Smash has been a dream for many players in both the east and the west, and although it seems very unlikely, with Disney Japan allegedly saying “no” to the possibility, fans remain hopeful.

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The final DLC fighter is set to release by December 2021. Only time will tell if it ends up being any of the 10 most wanted characters out of Japan.