Smash Ultimate clue hints at more content dropping after Fighter Pass Vol.2

Smash Ultimate fighters passNintendo

With the release of Pyra and Mythra in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, many fans are already speculating who the final two DLC fighters will be. However, a recent find seems to suggest that there will be another Challenger Pack.

While rumors surrounding the final two characters in the Fighters Pass Volume 2 have been surfacing online, some eagle-eyed fans have now made an exciting discovery. Many Smash Ultimate players have speculated that there could be additional fighters added to Smash Ultimate after the final DLC, but recent findings from the Australian Nintendo website could add more weight to this claim. 

This is obviously extremely exciting and could be huge for the Smash community if it is true. However, just like all rumors and leaks, it’s best to treat this as mere speculation until we get official confirmation. After all, a lot of leaks have been debunked in the past. 

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Possible 7th Smash Ultimate Fighter Pack

Pyra and MythraNintendo
Pyra and Mythra are the latest DLC fighters to join Smash Ultimate’s roster.

Reddit user, RiuBert outlined his findings on the Smash Bros Ultimate subreddit. “Every purchasable game/DLC/bundle, etc has its own code (NSUID) inside Nintendo’s official website,” says RiuBert.

“This includes all the fighter packs, Mii costumes, and fighter passes. The Mii costume codes don’t make much sense, but what I found out is that from Piranha Plant (which is not included in the 1st pass) to Byleth the codes are ordered perfectly from 70050000008501 to 70050000008506.”

Essentially, these codes go in order of the release of each fighter. For example, Piranha Plant’s URL ends in 8501 as he was the first DLC character. Meanwhile, the rest of the DLC roster follows a similar pattern and follows with 8502, 8503, and 8504, etc. The second Fighter Pass also follows this order.

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However, RiuBert states that the Ancient Helm & Gear Mii costume didn’t follow this URL pattern. “As for Pass 2, they ordered the codes like this: from 70050000018967 (MinMin) to 70050000018970 (Pyra/Mythra), with codes *71 and *72 reserved for the unreleased packs 10 and 11 respectively,” says RiuBert.

“However, the bonus Ancient Helm + Gear costume that you get by purchasing the 2nd pass has the code *74, leaving *73 as a blank space.” It’s this blank space that has Smash Ultimate fans excited. While the blank space could be filled with another Mii costume or stage, there could be a possibility of a new fighter being added.

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