Canadian Smash pro’s passport and money stolen while trapped in “hellhole” USA

Riddles mains Terry BogardTwitter/Riddlesmk/Nintendo

Top Canadian Smash Ultimate pro Michael ‘Riddles’ Kim trip to the United States for a tournament quickly turned into a disaster after travel restrictions trapped him and his passport was stolen.

On August 1, Riddles managed to place fourth overall at The Comeback tournament event in Laurel, Maryland. The event featured top-level Smash talent such as Tweek and Cosmos, so the fourth-place finish wasn’t a bad showing at all for the out-of-towner.

However, while the trip should have been done and over with, the result of Riddles’ health test needed to fly back to Canada kept him stuck in the country for even longer.

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Eventually, things went from bad to worse. After going into a Wawas and going back to the car belonging to popular Smash figure Gimr, his bag containing his passport, Nintendo Switch and tournament winnings had been stolen.

“Reviewed the camera/police footage and it was indeed stolen. Stolen,” Kim explained. “Two men went in the car and stole it. Just can’t believe it man.”

Despite his clothes and wallet being safe, Riddles was put in the unfavorable position of having to find a completely new way to get home.

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“The fact that I have to stay here for at least a couple more days because of stupid… testing bullsh*t is just too much. Alongside with everything that happened, man just please get me out of this hellhole country already,” the Terry main begged.

Luckily, he found an alternative to return, albeit it would be one heck of a journey.

“I’m able to travel to the Buffalo-Toronto border without a passport since I’m a Canadian citizen,” he revealed the good news. “I will have to stay in this region here for Tuesday and Wednesday but the fact that I just have some sort of comfort leading my way home is so f**king gratifying it’s unreal. Really hope this goes well, man.”

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This whole experience even caused Riddles to pull out of Smash Summit, claiming that even if he still had his passport he wouldn’t want to go anyway, because his travel experience was “f**king sh*t regardless.”

However, the Canadian has since changed his stance and is rushing to get a new passport to compete at the prestigious fighting game tournament.

Hopefully, the Canadian Smash star can make it home safe and can return to the US better and stronger, once traveling isn’t as complicated, of course.

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The theft of Riddles’ items comes just one month after fellow Smash pro Fatality had his life savings stolen at a gas station after competing in a tournament.

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