Reliable Smash Ultimate leak reveals final DLC and bonus fighters

Waluigi in Smash UltimateeNintendo

A Smash Ultimate leak claiming to reveal the final DLC fighters has reemerged after it accurately predicted Pyra/Mythra and Kazuya as DLC plus Dante as a Mii fighter.

It’s not uncommon to find random Smash Ultimate “leaks” on the internet, especially on message boards where users can easily remain anonymous. However, one from back in January is making waves retroactively for having a lot of its bold predictions come true.

Now, the community is holding its breath as the leak also claims who the final DLC will be alongside the possibility of bonus fighters.

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Whether or not everything in the post ends up coming true remains to be seen, but enough has been proven right that this is definitely worth talking about.

Kazuya in smash ultimateNintendo
The leaker seemed to know Kazuya was coming.

Smash leaks come true

The leak, which was posted by a user using a rapping Mario image, correctly claimed that Pyra/Mythra would be released a month or so after the post was made, they would appease both the East and West and people would be angry at their inclusion.

It went on to predict Kazuya: “next is a less expected rep of a beloved 3rd party series already in Smash, many people thought this series would receive more representation in the base game.”

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Of course, Smash already had the Heihachi Mii outfit, so Tekken fit this description perfectly. If this wasn’t enough, the leaker added that Dante would be a Mii fighter as well, a bold statement that ended up being true.

While the first two claims are a bit cryptic, the Dante Mii outfit leak leaves nothing up for dispute and seriously raises the chances of the leak being legit.

Dante as mii fighterNintendo
Not many people could have known Dante would be a Mii fighter.

Final Smash DLC and bonus fighters

As for who the “final” DLC fighter is, if the leaker is right, a lot of fans will be excited.

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“The ‘final’ fighter is a Capcom character from a game that doesn’t involve action,” they said.

The most likely candidate to fit this description is Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, who would line up nicely. He’s a character with a history on Nintendo and we’ve already seen him work as a fighter in Marvel vs Capcom.

However, the leak claims there’s a lot more Smash to come. “The second fighter pass has a bonus character from Zelda that will release alongside or shortly after the Capcom character,” the leaker added.

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Smash Ultimate DLC leakThe leaker claims multiple fighters are still coming.

The possibility of a bonus fighter has been rumored for some time, and with Breath of the Wild 2 coming out, having Smash help cross-promote the title could be a nice plan by Nintendo.

Here’s the thing though: according to the leaker, there’s more than one additional fighter coming out. Hold onto your hats for this one.

“There will be no 3rd pass but there’ll be a playful statement in the final presentation saying not to be surprised if more content randomly drops,” the leaker explained.

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Fortnite in smash ultimateEpic Games
Fortnite is coming to Smash?

Who are the bonus Smash Ultimate DLC fighters?

They went on to add that Activision, Game Freak, Sega, Valve, Microsoft, Konami and more will be involved with Smash after Fighters Pass Volume 2 in the form of fighters, stages, outfits and spirits.

It does make sense for Smash to continue adding spirits to the game, but even more fighters is a prediction way out of left field.

“As far as concrete fighters go after the Zelda one, I know for sure the final will be Waluigi (yes, I know, Sakurai is breaking his own rules) and I heavily suspect a Fortnite guy will be the first after pass 2 but don’t know for sure.”

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Fortnite is another game that has been rumored for Smash at one point, with Epic Games creative director Donald Mustard seemingly hinting at the crossover possibility.

Waluigi in SmashNintendo
Waluigi will become a playable fighter if the leak is to be believed.

It’s unclear what rule the leaker is talking about, but Sakurai has said multiple times that Challenger Pack 11 would be the last DLC fighter, random characters continuing to drop would widely come across as hypocritical.

Of course, it is possible that Sakurai takes a back seat and lets other developers take a bigger role in fighter development, but that’s just wild speculation.

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As always take these leaks and rumors with a huge grain of salt, but we’ll likely have a much better idea of potential post-pass content if Phoenix Wright ends up being the next DLC fighter. Until then, all we can do it wait and see what happens.