Best Rocket League settings guide: Camera & controller

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Having the best possible settings in Rocket League can help players increase their skills so they can better execute the precise maneuvers that are vital to succeed in the game. Here are the very best controller and camera settings to use in Rocket League so you can get an advantage over your opponents.

Rocket League is a game full of choices, whether you’re deciding on car shapes or figuring out the best hitboxes, there’s always a decision to be made and in these moments customization is often encouraged.

One choice in particular that can make a big difference in Rocket League is your camera settings and controller layout.

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Below, we’ve put together a guide for the best settings to use in Rocket League that will help you get an edge over your competition.

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Maneuverability in Rocket League is absolutely key.

Best Rocket League camera settings

Your camera settings may become a complete oversight in the grand scheme of things, but its height, zoom, and many other nuances can determine how much of the arena you see and the default settings may not actually suit your eye.

Here are our picks for the best custom Rocket League camera settings.

  • Camera Shake: Off
  • Field of View: 110
  • Distance: 275
  • Height: 110
  • Angle: -3.0
  • Stiffness: 0.45
  • Swivel Speed: 5.5
  • Transition Speed: 1.2
  • Invert Swivel: Off (personal preference)
  • Ball Camera Mode: Toggle

To start things off, we think Camera Shake needs to be off as it completely disrupts the screen and disorientates matters. Your Field of View should be a solid 105 as we don’t quite want to max it out, but we still want to open up our vision.

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Your Distance should be around the 275 mark and your Height situated at 115. Simply, we find that too much height can throw off your perspective a bit, same with distance too. Angle won’t have a huge bearing so we’re happy to leave this at a fairly neutral -3.0.

Anything below 0.55 should be fine for Stiffness, so we’re just bringing it down a couple of notches to keep your camera locked in. Swivel Speed and Transition Speed are probably personal preferences depending on how quickly you can track and adjust to sudden movements.

So we’d recommend 5.5 for the swivel and about 1.15 for the transition. Finishing up now and Inverting Swivel only complicates gameplay, so we’ll leave that off. Additionally, the Ball Camera Toggle switch should always be set to on for optimal performance.

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It’s completely fine to use our settings as a starting point so that you can tweak and find what works best for you.

Best controller settings

Now that we have the camera better suited to Rocket League’s fast and frantic gameplay, let’s move on to the game’s controller settings. Knowing how to flip reset in Rocket League is one thing, but we need to hammer home these controls and guarantee your movement is fluid and pure.

These are our recommended best controller settings for Rocket League.

  • Steering Sensitivity: 1.00
  • Aerial Sensitivity: 1.00
  • Controller Deadzone: 0.60
  • Dodge Deadzone: 0.60
  • Controller Vibration: Disabled
  • Vibration Intensity: N/A
  • Ball Camera Mode: Toggle

We can’t stress how important it is to keep your Steering Sensitivity and Aerial Sensitivity set to the lowest possible, seriously. Messing around with what is essentially the car’s traction control is alright if you’re playing a competitive racer like Gran Turismo or Forza, but we don’t need it here.

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We’re gonna do something similar for the Controller Deadzone and Dodge Deadzone by keeping them the same at 0.60. FPS players will be acquainted with dead zones as it basically tells the thumbstick how much it needs to be pushed in a certain direction before your player/car moves in that direction. Keeping this quite neutral will suffice.

Controller Vibration is all up to you and your sense of immersion but for optimal playing conditions, it’s probably best to leave it off.

Finally, your Ball Camera Mode should be set to toggle as you’ll want to follow the ball the majority of the match and this stops you from having to focus on extra button presses.

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There you have it, those are the best Rocket League settings for your camera and controller.

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