Best Rocket League hitboxes: All car hitboxes, body types & more

rocket league cars going for ballPsyonix

One of the best things about Rocket League is that all cars are the same speed, and pretty much feel the same. But a few of them have a different hitbox zone, and here’s each of them explained in detail to help you understand.

Psyonix’s Rocket League is a bonafide multiplayer classic and an esports staple. Frantic 5-minute battles between two sets of cars trying to score incredible goals with balls is a great concept that was executed perfectly.

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Skill is at the forefront of Rocket League and even Psynoix have said: “None of the cars have stats. The only differences are hitboxes.” So how important are Rocket League hitboxes then? It turns out very.

octane car in rocket leaguePsyonix
Octane is regarded as one of the game’s best.

What is a hitbox?

A hitbox is an invisible box or shape around a game model that can’t be seen by the player but acts as the model’s collision detection system. For example, in fighting games, even though each combatant has a completely visible model, they still have particular hitboxes that determine if attacks connect.

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Rocket League’s cars act the same in that the whole car is viewable, but they have certain hitboxes that determine when the vehicle has come into contact with the ball, boost, or anything else.

All Rocket League hitboxes explained

Rocket League has six different types of hitboxes that are spread out across all the cars in the game. Each one is distinctive thanks to the length and width of cars, plus their overall shape too.

Here is every hitbox in Rocket League with an explanation for each.

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Octane hitbox

A popular and default choice, Octane’s hitbox is very tall for a RL car, and its slightly bigger size at the back offers a bit more leeway when trying to connect with the ball.

Dominus hitbox

Although small and a bit thin, Dominus’ clean symmetrical body type makes it great for the air and more skilled players can score some nasty goals when connecting with a perfectly struck shot.

Breakout hitbox

Considered one of the harder hitboxes to master. Breakout has a similar shape to Dominus but isn’t quite as long, however, it will again reward players with powerful shots for precise hits.

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Hybrid hitbox

One of the game’s newer hitboxes, Hybrid does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s the perfect middle-ground between an Octane hitbox and a Dominus one and can give you an idea of which style you prefer.

Merc hitbox

Merc is undoubtedly the tallest car in the game and it makes it perfect for 50/50 battles, defending, and goalkeeping. But it feels slightly less mobile and isn’t as forgiving for well-struck attempts at goal.

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Plank hitbox

Following in the footsteps of Dominus and Breakout, it’s long and the top of the car has a decent-sized hitbox for aerial hits. It is the shortest car in the game though, so that’s something to consider.

batmobile rocket league carPsyonix
The Batmobile is a popular Dominus hitbox vehicle.

Every Rocket League car’s hitbox style

Psyonix have released a comprehensive list of every car in the game and which hitbox category they fall under.

Best Rocket League hitboxes

In our opinion, Octane, Dominus, and Merc are the best hitboxes for you to master. In our complete guide ranking all of the best Rocket League cars, we identified the optimal 4-wheeled demons for you to use.

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Octane just has the perfect shape and feel for Rocket League, Dominus’ perfectly clean look and long body are appealing, and Merc’s height and power are too good to overlook.

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