7 best cars in Rocket League, from Aftershock to Octane

octane and aftershock in rocket leaguePsyonix

Making sure you’re using one of Rocket League’s best cars is very important and can sometimes be overlooked. Skill is one thing, but don’t put yourself at an unnecessary disadvantage when pursuing dubs in Psyonix’s Rocket League.

Even casual gamers love Rocket League, that’s how incredibly simple and addictive the game is. One team battles another in a game of football using cars. The game’s mechanics back up the concept, and Psyonix increases the fun tenfold by allowing players to customize every aspect of their vehicle.

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Your car’s wheels, decals, antennas, boost trails, and a whole lot more can be tinkered with. But what about the actual vehicle itself? Even though every car shares the exact same abilities in terms of speed, handling, braking, etc, the shape of each model is different.

So it’s imperative that you have one equipped that possesses a bigger hitbox and offers more control.


rocket league car aerial attackPsyonix
Are you using the game’s meta cars?

What is the difference between Rocket League car shapes?

Each car has a different hitbox, impacting how it behaves with the ball and other players. Studies and test have tried to prove that each car has hidden stats that affects maneuverability amongst other things.

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However, Psyonix themselves have even shut down these reports stating that there are no hidden stats or anything like that.

Best Rocket League cars to use

Some have better hitboxes and are generally just better to use during a game of Rocket League. So we’ve picked out 7 cars for you to try out in Rocket League. If there are some here you haven’t tested, then it might well be worth doing so to see if you can optimize your gameplay.

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These are the best Rocket League cars we’ve found in our experience.

7. Merc

merc in rocket league

The Merc gets a solid mention as its much bigger hitbox feels suited to teams that like to have a fixed goalkeeper. Also, it looks intimidating as hell to play against. If you want to be a bit more aggressive, the Merc feels great for scoring some demos during a game.

6. Breakout

breakout in rocket league

A first mention for one of Rocket League’s OG beasts. Many people still love the Breakout, despite its weird handling, and is more of a solid all-around option for anyone. Everyone has a preference for a vehicle’s type of hitbox, and long-time fans still prefer the ‘Breakout hitbox.’

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5. Marauder

maurauder in rocket league

Possessing the Octane hitbox-style, the favorite for most, the Marauder is slightly wider than your average Rocket League vehicle. This makes it another solid defensive option like the Merc, with the added ability of slightly better-feeling handling and mobility.

4. Aftershock

aftershock in rocket league

Apart from looking aerodynamic, Rocket League’s Aftershock variation feels very much like the Dominus in many respects, but the wings can be a little off-putting when it comes to having full control of your movements. It has some nice weight and moves pretty nicely though.

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3. Batmobile

batmobile in rocket league

Aside from it being the Batmobile, come on people, the car is actually more than just a novelty. Its long body is perfect for dribbling and powerful long-range shots. One thing that hurts it is its availability as it can’t be bought in the shop, save for extremely limited drops.

2. Dominus

dominus in rocket league

If you’re after a long, mobile vehicle that is easier to get the hang of, then Dominus is the perfect option. Many top-tier players love the Dominus hitbox and its overall design. Its design is super clean and crisp and is almost perfect.

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1. Octane

octane car in rocket league

Whereas the Octane model is quite literally perfect, and it’s fair to say that Octane is probably the most selected car in Rocket League. Pretty much considered to be the face of the franchise, it has tight cornering, it feels perfectly weighted, and its hitbox is spot on. Octane is probably the best car for you.

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