Best controller settings for Valorant console beta

Sourav Banik
an image of PS5 and Xbox controllers with Neon blurred in the background in Valorant console beta

Valorant console beta is finally out for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. To get the upper hand over enemies, you may want to know the best controller settings for different roles and we have you covered there.

Amongst the game announcements at the Summer Games Fest 2024, Riot Games had a surprise for Valorant lovers – the game’s long-rumored console version was finally on its way. The beta period started on June 14 and you can play it on all the current-gen consoles.

Valorant on consoles comes with various presets like Traditional, Fighter, Bumper Jumper, and more. Each of them is efficient for the different roles you play, such as Duelists, Controllers, Sentinels, and so on.

So, to get the most out of them for various scenarios, here are the best controller settings to use in the Valorant console beta.

an image of Traditional config on PS5 controller

Best PS5 and Xbox controller settings for Valorant console beta

Below you can find the best controller settings for both PS5 and Xbox:

SettingPS5 controller buttonXbox controller button
Focus/Sniper Scope (Hold)L2LT
Ability 1L1LB
Ability 2R1RB
Ability 3R3RS
UltimateL1 + R1LB + RB
Equip MeleeL3LS
Comm Wheel/PingD-Pad UpD-Pad Up
Drop Equipped ItemD-Pad LeftD-Pad Left
Plant/Defuse/Equip SpikeD-Pad DownD-Pad Down
Inspect/Open Spray Wheel (Hold)D-Pad RightD-Pad Right
Equip SecondaryTriangle buttonY button
Crouch (Toggle)Circle buttonB button
JumpX buttonA button
Reload/Activate/UseSquare buttonX button

These two configurations follow the Traditional preset layout on controllers. You can always customize them according to your needs.

Valorant on consoles doesn’t come with traditional hip-firing like on PCs and has a new shooting mode called ‘Focus’ instead. The Focus mode mimics hip-fire but with reduced sensitivity, and this is where the Traditional preset excels.

an image of Valorant console beta gameplay

Best alternative controller settings for Valorant console beta

While the Traditional layout has the best settings for a controller, you can also try these alternate settings for Valorant console beta if it’s just not working for you:

Bumper Shooter

The Bumper Shooter controller settings would be ideal if you love to use snipers in Valorant. No matter if you’re playing as Jett with an Operator, or as an Inititator with an Outlaw during an eco round, this controller layout would suit your playstyle well.


Choose the Fighter controller layout if you’re a hardcore Duelist in Valorant. Jump on RB or R1 buttons allows you to take control of higher platforms easily, and with the RT or R2 buttons located nearby, you can shoot down enemies pretty quickly.

Using LB or L1 buttons to crouch also makes it easier to control recoil for Duelists as playing that role needs you to be spontaneous and quick, unlike other Agents.


Playing as a Controller or Sentinel? Then choose the Tactician controller layout.

Having Focus or Sniper Scope on L1 or LB buttons will give you enough room to play from the back, and support your team simultaneously. Unlike other layouts, you fire weapons using the R1 or RB buttons, and that comes in handy when using snipers.

With these controller settings, you’ll be able to tighten up your gameplay and excel across each other maps available during the console beta.

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