How to use Rocket League’s Trade-In feature: Unlock better items

Rocket League Trade-In FeaturePsyonix

Psyonix is introducing a new and improved Trade-In Menu in Rocket League Season 3, which is expected to make the system more streamlined. Here’s everything you need to know.

Rocket League Season 3 is around the corner, and it introduces an exciting new crossover with NASCAR and Formula 1, as well as an epic Rocket Pass jam-packed with new cars, cosmetics, and more.

However, in an upcoming pre-season patch expected to release on April 6, the developers are making some improvements to the Trade-In System.

Rocket League Trade-In FeaturePsyonix
The old Rocket League Trade-In System was needlessly complicated.

For those who don’t know, players can currently trade five items with the same rarity for one item with a higher rarity.

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But since there are so many items available, the process hasn’t been as seamless as it could be.

So, the update will make that process more straightforward in the form of a new Trade-In Menu.

How to use Rocket League’s Trade-In feature

The moment your game is updated on April 6, you’ll see a dedicated ‘Trade-In’ button in the Garage Menu.

In there, you’ll find a list of all your tradeable items separated into three categories; Core Items, Tournament Items, and Blueprints. They’ll also be arranged based on their rarity.

This new menu also displays how many Trade-Ins you have available, making it easier to trade them quickly and efficiently without all the headaches.

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To Trade-In items, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Click on the Trade-In button
  2. Select the rarity of the item you want to receive in the Trade-In
  3. Choose the items you wish to trade
  4. Receive your goodies!
Rocket League Trade-In FeaturePsyonix
Rocket League players will have an easier time trading in Blueprints and other items using the new menu.

It’s also worth noting that players can now Trade-In Blueprints and items from Competitive Tournaments regardless of which series they were from. However, because you’ll be able to mix and match, it impacts the chances of the Blueprint you’ll get in return.

Generally, you’ll have a better chance to receive an item from a particular Series if you Trade-In Blueprints from the same Series. So, whichever one has the most will be the most likely result.