Selling Sunset Season 7 recap: All the juiciest details

Stephanie Harper

Season 7 of Selling Sunset has ended, which means the reunion special is here. These were the most intense moments.

Now that Selling Sunset fans have access to the reunion special for Season 7 on Netflix, there is a lot to unpack and discuss.

It’s time to rehash a potentially homophobic Instagram comment, shade against Michael B. Jordan’s capabilities in the bedroom, and a polygraph test that got super intimate for Jason Oppenheim.

These were the juiciest moments to come from the selling Sunset Season 7 reunion on Netflix.

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Highlights of the Selling Sunset Season 7 reunion

Amanza Smith and Jason Oppenheim kissed

One of the biggest revelations to come from the reunion is the fact that Jason and Amanza Smith hooked up with each other at one point.

During his lie detector test, it came out that he’s been intimate with more than just Chrishell Stause, Mary Fitzgerald, and Nicole Young. Amanza and Jason apparently shared a makeout session!

The host asked her, “Did you only make out?” and Amanza replied, “No.”

Then, the host asked if she and Jason “hooked up too” or not. To that, she replied, “Yes.”

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Nicole Young is being accused of homophobia

The drama surrounding Nicole isn’t painting her in a good light when it comes to responses from social media users.

A troll left a comment on her Instagram page saying, “I was hoping the lesbian chick was off in Australia this season and not on our screens. Whatever her name is, I forgot. Nicole, you look great!”

The user was referring to Chrishell‘s partner, G Flip. Nicole wrote back to the comment saying, “Thank you.” Since she responded to the derogatory comment in a careless manner, she’s now being accused of homophobia.

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Chrishell Stause and Marie-Lou Nurk are still beefing

The drama between Chrishell and Marie-Lou Nurk was just as intense during the reunion. Mary-Lou tried to claim Chrishell was only a topic of conversation when the cameras were rolling.

Chrishell clapped back by saying, “I get tired of being people’s topic and punching bag on camera. Clearly it’s not a fun place to be.”

One of the biggest issues between Chrishell and Mary-Lou has been their shared ex-boyfriend, Jason.
When Jason faced the lie detector test, he was asked if he was still in love with Chrishell.

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Jason Oppenheim still has feelings for Chrishell Stause

He insisted that he wasn’t, but the polygraph revealed he was lying. Jason wasn’t the only one who had to answer questions about his romantic history, though.

Bre Tiesi is unimpressed by Michael B. Jordan

When Bre Tiesi was hooked up to the lie detector, she revealed that Michael B. Jordan didn’t impress her in the bedroom! All the juicy details revealed at the reunion are simply gearing viewers up for more to come in Season 8.

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