Selling Sunset fans slam Chrishell Stause for hanging out with James Charles

Stephanie Harper

Chrishell Stause was recently spotted hanging out with James Charles – and Selling Sunset fans aren’t happy about it.

Chrishell Stause has been a beloved cast member on Selling Sunset since Season 1. It seemed for a long time that she could do no wrong in the eyes of viewers.

Chrishell’s scenes on Selling Sunset typically showcase her personality in a positive light, but recent events have fans feeling differently.

Unfortunately, her recent hangout session with James Charles has her fans incredibly frustrated and upset.

Chrishell Stause and James Charles’ hangout is causing drama

A Reddit thread was launched to talk about the fact that Chrishell was recently seen partying it up with James.

The reality TV star and makeup artist were recorded dancing together at a Christmas party along with Bebe Rexha.

The person who started the thread wrote, “The fact everyone wrote off Chrishell posting a picture with James Charles bothered me.”

In their opinion, there should’ve been more of an uproar over the situation. Moderators on Reddit removed the post, but responses from other social media users have already poured in.

One person chimed in to say, “I mean it’s not just Chrishell. Christine and Bre follow James Charles. Sounds like it’s a collective of people connected to him somehow.

Another user added, “Let’s be real, this cast as a whole seems to support a lot of sketchy people. I’m about to throw away the towel with them.”

Other fans of Selling Sunset aren’t exactly upset with Chrishell since they’re not sure she even knows about his past scandals.

One person jumped to Chrishell’s defense to say, “Maybe I’m giving her too much benefit of the doubt, but I really doubt she knows about him lol. She doesn’t follow him and was just in the same place at the same time which isn’t really her fault.

Chrishell Stause was seen partying with James Charles.

“That age demographic is highly unlikely to know about James. the only people I know who know are people my age/chronically online (not using this as an insult, I too am chronically online).”

It’s unclear whether or not Chrishell knows about James’s public scandals. Either way, fans of Selling Sunset have their own opinions about the situation.