Selling Sunset: Mary Fitzgerald reveals “heartbreaking” miscarriage news

Stephanie Harper

Fans of Selling Sunset are now finding out that Mary Fitzgerald suffered a miscarriage after discovering a short-term pregnancy with her husband, Romain Bonnet.

Watching Mary Fitzgerald’s story on Selling Sunset has been somewhat of a roller coaster since Season 1 back in 2019.

Her relationship with Romain Bonnet has had its fair share of highs and lows, but the most recent announcement she just made is most heartbreaking of all.

Mary was excited to share news of a positive pregnancy test with the rest of the real estate agents at the Oppenheim Group. Now, it’s been revealed that she had a miscarriage.

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Details about Mary Fitzgerald‘s miscarriage

Season 7 of Selling Sunset dives into the heartache Mary faced after finding out she had a miscarriage. Unfortunately, doctors weren’t able to detect a heartbeat inside her unborn child during a routine ultrasound appointment.

Mary discussed the fact that since she’s been through miscarriages before, she already knew exactly what a lack of a heartbeat meant that day.

She opened up with Today saying, “It was heartbreaking, to say the least. I was just in shock.”

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Mary continued, “I honestly didn’t consider that I could lose the baby. I was just so excited and so focused on this new future, even though realistically I always knew that there was that chance. I just never let my mind go there. I was just optimistic and positive about it.”

During Season 7 of the show, Mary speaks to the Selling Sunset camera crew in a confessional to say, “I don’t know what the normal timeframe is to get over something like this and I just keep moving forward and trying to put a smile on my face and act like everything’s OK, but it doesn’t feel OK.”

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Her co-workers at the Oppenheim Group seem to be emotionally showing up for her with as much support as humanly possible, based on what’s been filmed and shown to Netflix viewers so far.

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