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Rainbow Six Operation High Calibre battle pass details: All rewards & challenges

Published: 8/Nov/2021 18:34 Updated: 8/Nov/2021 18:38

by Andrew Amos


Operation High Calibre is here, and that means one more Rainbow Six battle pass to grind. The last release of Year 6 features the same format players know, but with all-new rewards ⁠— over 100 of them ⁠— to celebrate the release of Thorn.

A new Rainbow Six season means a new battle pass. In Operation High Calibre, that is no different. The grind is on its way for the final update of Year 6, with plenty of rewards for dedicated players to pick up.

We’ve got everything you need to know about the Operation High Calibre battle pass right here, including all the tiers of rewards on offer, and the challenges you can complete to make your climb easier.



How much does the High Calibre battle pass cost?

No price changes are coming for the last Rainbow Six battle pass of Year 6: The High Calibre edition will have two tracks, one for free and another at a slight premium.

The free track doesn’t offer as many rewards as the paid one, although you will unlock a handful of Alpha Packs, headgears, uniforms, weapon skins, and charms.

The premium track, which costs 1200 R6 Credits, grants you all the rewards if you play enough. Previous passes have had over 130 rewards in the first 100 tiers ⁠— and it’s also the way to play the new operator Thorn early, with her release being bundled into the premium edition.


Thorn reloading gun in Rainbow Six Siege
Want to play Thorn early when Operation High Calibre drops? You’ll want to buy the premium battle pass.

How many tiers are in the High Calibre battle pass?

Rainbow Six’s Operation High Calibre battle pass has an infinite number of tiers.

In the new system Ubisoft introduced in Year 6, players can grind the game to their heart’s content and be rewarded for it. There’ll be 100 ‘official’ ones with Operator and weapon skins, Renown Boosters, free R6 Credits, and more.

After Tier 100 though, you’ll unlock an Alpha pack for every five levels worth of XP you grind ⁠— so you always have something to look forward to.

High Calibre battle pass challenges

Much like other battle passes, there’ll be two sets of challenges for players: Individual and Community challenges. They rotate on a fortnightly basis, so be sure to log on and play every two weeks.


If you do, you’ll be rewarded with around 800 XP a mission ⁠— nearly a tier’s worth of experience ⁠— which really stacks up across the course of three months.

With the addition of Battle Point boosters in Y6S3’s battle pass too, a combination of grinding out the challenges, as well as just playing the game, should take you to level 100 and beyond.

Rainbow Six Siege Battle Point Booster
Battle point boosters are available to Premium pass holders.

When does the Operation High Calibre battle pass release?

The Operation High Calibre battle pass is expected to release on live servers sometime in late November.

Can’t wait? You can play all the new content ⁠— including defender Thorn, the Outback map rework, and plenty of balance changes ⁠— when the new release undergoes a three-week test on the TTS starting November 9.


For more on Operation High Calibre, be sure to check out our guide to new operator Thorn, as well as the new map changes to Outback.