How to claim Rainbow Six Siege Prime Gaming rewards (March 2022)

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Rainbow Six Siege Prime Gaming rewardsUbisoft / Dexerto

Want to get more goodies for your favorite Siege operators? Then you need to take advantage of the Prime Gaming rewards, which drop monthly with either new bundles of uniforms, weapon skins, and charms — or a Renown Booster. Here’s what you need to know.

While the Tom Clancy universe is undergoing a facelift with not one, but two new franchises ⁠— Rainbow Six: Extraction and XDefiant (technically not part of the TC universe anymore since the rebrand) ⁠— Rainbow Six: Siege remains the one to rule them all when it comes to online multiplayer games.

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To get more rewards though, Ubisoft has teamed up with Prime Gaming to give more back to players. Here’s what you need to do to get your Prime goodies each month for Siege, and what you can expect in the latest drop.

Rainbow Six Siege squadUbisoft
Kit out your favorite Siege operators with the monthly Prime Gaming bundles.

How to claim Siege Prime Gaming rewards

Of course, if your Ubisoft account isn’t linked to Prime Gaming, you won’t be able to access your rewards. Thankfully, it’s an easy set-up process.

The number one thing you need to have is an active Amazon Prime subscription. This gives you access to Prime Gaming. If not, do not pass go, do not collect your free Siege skins.

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Here’s how you can link the two together, if you pass the first test:

  1. Go to the Prime Gaming x Ubisoft website.
  2. Click Link. A pop-up will display asking you to log into Amazon.
  3. Once you log into Amazon, click Allow ⁠— this gives Amazon the ability to share to Ubisoft that you have Prime Gaming active.
  4. Log into your Ubisoft account. Once this is confirmed, your accounts should be linked.
  5. Go to the Prime Gaming page, find the Rainbow Six Siege rewards, and collect!

Once you unlock the monthly rewards from the Prime Gaming website, they’ll be automatically added to your collection. You just need to go into the individual operator and adjust their uniforms accordingly.

Rainbow Six Siege Prime Gaming Rewards (March 2022)

The Prime Gaming reward for March 2022 in Rainbow Six is a new Operator bundle for Echo, designed by artist Shinosang.

The Japanese artist gave the defender a visual overhaul with plenty of purple trim. The gun skin features a nice fade to red along with an ominous caricature on the stock — Shino’s own hallmark.

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The reward will be active from March 23 until mid-April, so get in quick to get your hands on this sweet skin!

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