Rainbow Six Siege Operation Demon Veil details: Azami release, new map, TDM mode & more

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Azami holding kunai in Rainbow Six Siege Operation Demon VeilUbisoft

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Demon Veil is here to bring in Year 7. There’s plenty of new content to dig into: Azami the latest defender, the new Emerald Plains map, Team Deathmatch, attacker repick, and more.

Been chasing the Demon Veil leaks? The Operation is now here and while some of them have come to fruition, there’s a lot more to look forward to in Rainbow Six Year 7 Season 1.

Azami is coming, yes, but there’s more to the launch: Siege is getting its first new map in more than three years, a new permanent game mode, as well as the launch of attacker re-pick ⁠— finally.

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Here’s everything you need to know for Operation Demon Veil.


Azami artwork in Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft
Team Rainbow is recruiting from Japan again with Azami in Operation Demon Veil.

Azami revealed as new Rainbow Six Siege defender

Ubisoft are sticking to the one Operator a year schedule for Rainbow Six Siege Year 7, with Azami standing alone as the only new addition in Demon Veil. A Japanese defender inspired by private security forces, Warden now has competition in who’s best dressed in Siege.

Azami makes use of Kiba Barriers deployed by throwing a modified Kunai knife that, on hitting a surface, expands into a concrete-like bulletproof barrier. They can patch holes in walls, floors, and ceilings from a distance, giving defenders their first gadget to deny vertical play.

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She wields the 9x19VSN SMG and ACS12 shotgun as her primary weapon, with the D-50 as her sidearm.

New Emerald Plains map coming mid-season

After three long years, Rainbow Six Siege players are also being rewarded with a new map. Since the last map release, Fortress in December 2018, there’s been a dozen map reworks ⁠— but in Demon Veil we’re heading to a new location in Ireland’s Emerald Plains.

Inspired by luxury country clubs, the map features opulent high ceilings and plenty of fancy trimmings (think Kafe but more aristocratic). However, the new map will not be available on launch, only mid-way through the season.

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There will be no map rework taking place in Operation Demon Veil as a result.

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Emerald Plain map in Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft
Siege’s first new map in three years, Emerald Plains, is coming in Operation Demon Veil.

Team Deathmatch mode expands Rainbow Six Siege’s playlist

It’s not just new Operators and maps coming, but new game modes too. Team Deathmatch (TDM) is finally launching in Siege. It will be a permanent playlist, with two teams of five duking it out in a race to 75 kills.

Gadgets will be disabled, with both sides only having access to raw weaponry (and the occasional Impact Grenade or Stun Grenade). There’s no abandon penalty either, making it the ideal warmup mode.

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Attacker re-pick returns after Year 6 testing

Attacker re-pick has been teased again and again, but after testing in Operation High Caliber, Ubisoft are finally shipping the feature live in Rainbow Six Siege Year 7.

Attackers will be able to change their Operators up until three seconds left in the prep phase when they’ll be locked. This allows them to drone in, decide if they need to switch up their line-up and do so. Defenders will not be given the same luxury – the move actually comes as efforts to balance attack and defense more closely.

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Attacker re-pick will be available on all Rainbow Six Siege game modes: Quick Match, Unranked, and Ranked.

Goyo’s rework is finally coming in Operation Demon Veil.

Goyo rework finally goes live

Goyo’s rework was meant to come in Year 6, but Ubisoft delayed it to get it just right. Now, they’ve come out with all the changes for the Mexican defender in Operation Demon Veil.

Gone are the Volcan shields, with the fuel jug instead existing as a standalone deployable. You can attach it to surfaces or other gadgets, exploding once you shoot, melee, or blow it up with explosives. The fire now lasts longer and covers a wider area, making it more effective area denial.

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Rainbow Six Operation Demon Veil kicked off on March 15, 2022.

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