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Rainbow Six Operation High Caliber details: Operator leaks, map rework

Published: 5/Sep/2021 5:33 Updated: 5/Sep/2021 8:43

by Andrew Amos


The final update of Rainbow Six Year 6, reportedly named Operation High Caliber, is on its way. Initial leaks about the new operator, the Outback map rework, and additional gameplay changes have dropped already.

Operation Crystal Guard might still be new, but that doesn’t make any more tidbits of Rainbow Six Siege content any the less exciting.

The next major update, reportedly named Operation High Caliber, is set to bring a new defender, a map rework to Outback, and some big features first teased at the start of 2021.

Operation High Caliber release date

Operation High Caliber doesn’t have a locked in release date in Rainbow Six Siege yet. However, given Ubisoft drops its new seasonal content every three months, you can expect it to hit live servers around December.


As for when players will get a first peek? Ubisoft debuts all new Rainbow Six content at their esports majors. There’s one left for 2021 in November, so once the final details for that are locked in, the High Caliber reveal will fall in place too.

Operation High Caliber new operator: Thorn

The fourth and final Siege operator coming in Rainbow Six Year 6 is reportedly named Thorn. While we know they’ll be from Ireland from the start-of-year presentation, nothing else has been confirmed.

Leaks dating back to July indicated Thorn would be a defender. However, specific gadgets they would have access to aren’t yet clear.


There’s a chance they have access to a gun like no other though; after all, the operation is called High Caliber.

Operation High Caliber map rework: Outback

After getting three min map reworks in Operation Crystal Guard, Ubisoft is returning to their regularly scheduled programming with one map rework a season. This time around, it’ll be Outback.

The Australian map was launched with Burnt Horizon, but fell flat pretty quickly. It’s a casual staple, but the rework will freshen it up and make it a bit more dynamic.

Outback Rainbow Six Operation High Caliber rework
Outback will be final map reworked in Rainbow Six Year 6.

Attacker repick testing

While most of the neat new features revealed at the Six Invitational have been tested, like droning after death, attacker repick is yet to have its time on the test server.


It’s not confirmed for Operation High Caliber, but with this being the final update for Year 6, Ubisoft might drop it onto the TTS for testing at the very minimum.