Rainbow Six Thorn guide: Loadouts, tips & tricks for High Calibre defender

Rainbow Six Siege Thorn artworkUbisoft

Rainbow Six Siege’s latest Operator, Thorn, is just as deadly as her namesake. Here’s the best way to use the new High Calibre defender.

Operation High Calibre will see Thorn join Rainbow Six Siege’s growing roster, a new defender from Ireland with a trap-based gadget.

Thorn also brings a brand new weapon to the game, the UZK50GI, but how does this defender fit into your lineup, and is she worth picking? Here’s the best way to use Thorn in Rainbow Six Siege.

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Rainbow Six Siege screenshot showing the new UZK50GI weaponUbisoft/Dexerto
Thorn’s weapon is brand new to Rainbow Six Siege

Thorn loadout: weapons and gadgets

Thorn’s loadout options are the brand new UZK50GI and the M870 shotgun used by the likes of Jager. While the shotgun is self-explanatory and is ideal in close-range encounters, the UZK50GI is a new SMG that packs a surprising punch.

In fact, despite being in a weapon category that traditionally trades stopping power for firing late, the UZK50GI is actually an SMG with a low rate of fire, with larger ammo (hence the name Operation High Calibre) to tear through enemies with ease. It’s also ideal for pulling apart maps, finding a spot for Thorn’s Razorbloom shell.

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This gadget sticks to surfaces and has a detonation timer. When opponents step foot within its radius, it prepares to fire the Razorbloom payload. The opponent can either back up, removing themself from the radius, or push through — risking taking significant damage.

Rainbow Six Siege screenshot showing the Razorbloom Shell gadget above a doorwayUbisoft/Dexerto
The Razorbloom shell can be tucked away to cover more than one entrance.

It deals more damage to opponents the closer it is, too — and it’s lethal if you’re too close.

It’s worth noting, though, that the gadget can be destroyed relatively easily:  Either through gunfire, or a melee attack.

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Thorn’s secondary weapon options are the 1911 handgun or an automatic pistol, while her secondary gadgets are the shield and barbed wire — both of which can work well with the Razorbloom Shell (more on that shortly).

Rainbow Six Outback map rework playing ThornUbisoft
If you combine the Razorbloom Shell with other utility, it becomes way more effective.

Primary weapons

  • UZK50GI
  • M870

Secondary weapons

  • 1911 TACOPS
  • C75 Auto

Secondary gadgets

  • Barbed wire
  • Deployable Shield

Rainbow Six Thorn tips and strategies

Hide your Razorbloom shell

Thorn’s strength is in slowing down attackers, closing off routes, and frustrating them into making mistakes. That’s down to the Razorbloom shell, which can be placed on walls and floors.

If you’re smart, it’s possible to hide the Razorbloom shell. That means when the timed detonation begins, it’s harder to spot, and can force enemies back — or take them out.

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The Razorbloom can also be covered by barbed wire, or tucked behind a shield that blocks a doorway, ready to take out an enemy jumping over it.

Rainbow Six Siege screenshot showing the Razorbloom Shell gadget hidden in a shelfUbisoft/Dexerto
The Razorbloom Shell can be hidden.

Partner with Clash for a diversion

Clash’s protective shield makes her ideal for a perfect diversionary tactic, baiting enemies into following her for them to then be hit with the Razorbloom shell.

If you position Thorn out of sight and wait for the enemy to panic when they trigger the device, you’re likely to be able to mop up with an easy kill, either with the shotgun, or the UZK50GI.

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Rainbow Six Thorn Counters

As you can probably imagine, Thorn has some pretty predictable counters.

Thatcher’s EMP grenade can disable the Razorbloom shell, while Zero’s ARGUS cameras can also destroy the Razorbloom shell if they spot it.

Twitch’s shock drone can also remove the Razorbloom shell from the field.

That’s how to get to grips with Thorn in Rainbow Six Siege. Thorn launches with Operation High Calibre, joining Team Rainbow on November 9 on the Test Server. Check out the patch notes.

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