Rainbow Six Crystal Guard battle pass details: All rewards & challenges

Operation Crystal Guard battle pass Rainbow SixUbisoft

Operation Crystal Guard is around the corner, and that means a new Rainbow Six battle pass is coming. With over 100 tiers of rewards expected, and early access to the new content, here’s what you need to know.

It’s become a staple of each Rainbow Six season: The battle pass. Every update, Ubisoft launches a new grind for players with plenty of rewards along the way.

Operation Crystal Guard is expected to be no different. Here’s what you need to know about the next Rainbow Six battle pass, including when it drops and the cosmetics you’ll be able to grab.

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How much does the Crystal Guard battle pass cost?

Like all the other Siege battle passes, the Crystal Guard battle pass has two tiers; a free track and a premium track.

Naturally, the first one is totally free, but it only lets you access a small number of rewards, including a handful of Alpha packs, headgears, uniforms, weapon skins, and charms.

The premium track, on the other hand, costs 1200 R6 Credits and comes with plenty of benefits.

Not only do you get access to every reward in the battle pass — over 130 of them — but you can also grind through it 30% quicker thanks to the new point boosters, and play Osa early.

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Rainbow Six Osa shield Operation Crystal GuardUbisoft
Want to play Osa early? Get the Crystal Guard battle pass.

How many tiers are in the Crystal Guard battle pass?

Just like the previous battle pass, the Crystal Guard battle pass has an infinite number of tiers.

There are 100 official ones, but you’ll get bonus Alpha packs for every five tiers you complete beyond that. That means you’ll still be rewarded at Tier 105, 110, 115, 120, and beyond.

Throughout the first 100 tiers though, you can get a bunch of weapon and operator skins, including cosmetics for: Rook, Ace, Gridlock, Echo, Aruni, Twitch, Wamai, Fuze, Jager, Ying, Zofia, Ela, Pulse, Blitz, IQ, Smoke, and Kali.

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Renown Boosters and R6 Points are also up for grabs, and for Premium pass holders, there’s also new Battle Point boosters.

Rainbow Six Operation Crystal Guard battle pass tiersUbisoft
The grind doesn’t stop at Tier 100 in the Siege battle pass.

New Battle Point boosters help with the grind

As we just mentioned, Battle Point boosters have been added to help with the grind. These boosters increase the amount of battle pass points you earn for a set period by 20%.

There’s a handful of them dotted throughout the premium pass, which should not just help you reach Tier 100, but also collect the every-five-level Alpha Packs afterwards.

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Rainbow Six Siege Battle Point BoosterUbisoft
Battle Point boosters are available to Premium pass holders.

Crystal Guard battle pass challenges

If Battle Point boosters aren’t enough to help you out, then there’s a series of in-game challenges for you to complete too as part of Operation Crystal Guard’s battle pass.

All you need to do is do set tasks every fortnight, contribute to the community total, and you’ll be rewarded with around 800 XP a mission. That’s almost a tier’s worth of experience, so it’s definitely worth trying to complete them every 14 days!

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When does the Operation Crystal Guard battle pass expire?

The Operation Crystal Guard battle pass for Rainbow Six Siege expires on November 23, ahead of Year 6 Season 4.

The first details for the last Siege update of 2021, named Operation High Caliber, are slowly leaking, so get caught up here.