Rainbow Six Outback rework full walkthrough: Map layout, bomb sites

Rainbow Six Outback Rework in Operation High CalibreUbisoft

Rainbow Six Operation High Calibre is introducing an all-new Outback rework. The Australian map, first released in Year 4, has undergone a total overhaul with a new map layout and bomb sites in an attempt to make Outback a Rainbow Six competitive staple.

Outback has been a fun ⁠— if a bit cramped ⁠— map in Rainbow Six Siege since its release in Operation Burnt Horizon. However, it’s now getting a facelift in Operation High Calibre.

The Outback rework has overhauled almost every corner of the map, with an all-new layout, big changes to bomb sites and an overall easier experience for attackers trying to break into the Australian motel.

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Rainbow Six Outback rework bomb sites

Rainbow Six Outback rework bomb site listUbisoft
Every single one of Outback’s bomb sites has changed in its Operation High Calibre rework.

2F Laundry & 2F Piano Room

Previously Laundry and Dorms, the new site is a bit easier to defend thanks to the shift towards Piano Room. However, with the new Terrace giving attackers easy access to the site ⁠from Mezzanine ⁠— and clear lines of sight to defend the bomb ⁠— it can be a tricky one to hold.

There’s a big hallway out the back of Laundry now, while the Dorms have also been expanded, giving attackers a few more options in approaching the site.

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2F Party Room & 2F Office

Party Room and Office itself remain unchanged, but there have been overhauls to the hallways around it. Garage is now a lot safer for attackers to push in from, with shelves blocking otherwise key lines of sight.

There’s also a new breach in the external wall in Office Supply on the East side of the site, giving attackers a way to push through rather than jumping through a barricade.

Rainbow Six Outback map rework Office Supplies roomUbisoft
The left wall is a new breach for attackers into Office.

1F Green Bedroom & 1F Red Bedroom

The bombsite formerly known as Nature Room and Bushranger Room, not a lot has changed between the two sites. The bathroom linking the two sites has been expanded, while the kitchenette previously in Red Bedroom has been changed up.

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There’s also now an entire wall for the defenders to carve rotates out of between the two sites, rather than it just being relegated to the closet.

1F Mechanic Shop & 1F Kitchen

The messy downstairs area that involved Convenience Store, Compressor Room, Gear Store, and Beer Fridge has been combined into two rooms. One of those is the new Mechanic Shop bombsite, replacing the Compressor Room.

The bomb site has also expanded out towards Kitchen, with plenty of rotates in and out of the site ⁠— as well as the front door ⁠— to be worried about.

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Rainbow Six Outback rework Bike Repair roomUbisoft
The stairs leading up to Garage on the left are about the only thing that remains from the old Outback in Compressor Room.

Major changes: More external breaches make it easier to attack

Outback was quite the claustrophobic map on release, with no real way to breach into the building, unlike other Rainbow Six maps. It generally lacked destructibility, except for the upstairs area around Mechanical Bull.

Now though, there’s some use for those soft and hard breach attackers, who can open up lines of sight on the destructible walls, and mount alternative pushes through the new soft walls on various balconies.

The staircase between Restaurant and Piano Room has been removed to make way for the new Terrace ⁠— as well as the shift of bomb sites from Dorms to Piano Room.

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Outback has also been generally refurbished and cleaned up to remove random debris, making it cleaner to push through.

Rainbow Six Outback rework Covered Terrace roomUbisoft
The picnic table previously between Mezzanine and Piano Room is now indoors.

In case you were wondering too, the three attacker spawns remain unchanged.

However with the changes to the exterior of the map, there are now new ways to push into the building, so you can be creative with where you choose to spawn.

The Outback map rework will launch as part of Rainbow Six Operation High Calibre, alongside the release of new defender Thorn, as well as big balance changes to Finka, Valkyrie, Mozzie, and more.

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For everything coming, be sure to check out our page on the new season’s patch notes.