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Looking to beef up your storage this Prime Day? Look no further than Western Digital’s SN850 NVMe SSDs, which is a perfect upgrade for your PS5 or PC.

Games are getting bigger than ever, and you don’t want to be left messing around installing and uninstalling games. This can lead to you redownloading games and just straight up wasting your time. But now, you can save over 50% on Western Digital’s fantastic PC and PS5-compatible SSD’s.

Buy the Western Digital SN850 NVMe SSD at Amazon

The Western Digital SN850 is almost the default pick for a fast and reliable SSD. While it might not sport the quickest specs, it will still perform where it really counts. This deal can be applied on both the 1TB and 2TB variants of the SSD too, so no matter your budget, you could still stand to save a bundle on storage this Prime Day.

Why should I get a PS5 SSD?

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NVMe SSDs are incredibly quick, and the Western Digital SN850 utilizes the PCIe 4 protocol. This means faster transfer speeds, as well as PlayStation 5 compatibility with drives that are quick enough to utilize it.

The PlayStation 5 comes equipped with a meager 825GB of storage out of the box. Adding an SSD to the system could give your system the serious buff it needs to get all of your games installed. If you use things like PlayStation Plus, then adding a PS5 SSD to your system will ensure that you can keep your library of titles installed, which would include any PS5 games.

If you wanted to use an external drive, you would need to move all PS5 titles to internal storage. But, with an NVMe SSD, you could run them straight from there, with no faffing required. Since the SN850 also comes equipped with a heatsink, you don’t have to worry about thermals, either.

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