Upgrade your PS5 with a 2TB SSD for just $100 with early Black Friday deal

Joel Loynds
PS5 with NVME

Getting a new PS5 for the holidays? Don’t lose out on storage, as Newegg has this killer 2TB SSD from Nextorage Japan for just $100.

The PS5 and PS5 Slim ship with 1TB of storage. Once it’s downloaded and saved space for the operating system, you’re left with around 825GB. After downloading, say, the latest Call of Duty, you’d be left with around 600GB.

Games are getting incredibly big, and while 1TB is plenty for those not playing the latest big releases. However, if you find yourself stocking up during Black Friday sales, 1TB suddenly becomes quite small.

Nextorage is a relatively new brand, but appears to have been recommended by peers and Newegg users don’t seem to have many complaints. It holds a four-and-a-half star (or egg) rating from 72 customers.

2TB of storage in NVMe format, with PCIe 4.0 – required by the PlayStation 5 – is still relatively expensive if you look at the usual brands. Scoring not only a heatsink and the 2TB drive for $99.99 is quite the steal.

On PS5, you’re going to need a PCIe 4.0 drive to install and play PS5 games. While Gen 3 is considerably cheaper, it’s not fast enough for the PS5 to utilize. Thankfully, the Nextorage 2TB coming in at $99.99 is the perfect deal.

Newegg deal sees 2TB PS5 ready SSD dip below $100

PS5 Slim Digital and Disc editions

Of course, if you’re on a PC, this will do just fine on your machine. Most modern motherboards support two M.2 drives, and on PC, if you’re still on PCIe 3.0, you’ll still be able to use the drive.

Games are coming out thick and fast these days, with plenty on PlayStation and PC to take advantage of. SSD fillers for the holidays could include the aforementioned Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but you might want to consider some smaller titles to install for when the holiday break hits.

One of our top recommendations that this drive will be perfect for is Alan Wake 2. The game can instantaneously send you between the “real world” and a “Mind Palace”. It’s a cool effect and relies on that speed from the SSD to load in a brand new “level” at the touch of a button.

We’ve also heard that the new web-slinging Spider-Man 2 is pretty good as well.

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