How to buy Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: US & UK prices, bonuses & more

Pokemon Scarlet VioletNintendo

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is out on the Nintendo Switch now, and here’s everything you need to know about purchasing the Gen 9 games.

Pokemon fans around the world were stunned when Game Freak revealed that the ninth generation of Pokemon would launch in November 2022. Not only do Pokemon Scarlet & Violet feature a new region inspired by Spain, but it is also the first open-world game in the main Pokemon series.

With the game having released on November 18, 2022, here is a guide on how to purchase the games right now, as well as the different versions of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet bonuses that will be available after your purchase.

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gen 9 Starter wallpaper promotional screenshot.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Gen 9 is now available on the Nintendo Switch.


Where to buy Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Similar to every main Pokemon game, trainers have plenty of options as to where they can purchase Pokemon Scarlet & Violet now that it has launched.

Fans looking to play the game right now can get it digitally on Nintendo’s eShop. It’s also worth pointing out that most stores also sell digital codes that can be redeemed on your console. This way, you can still buy it in your local game store, but download a digital version of the game. 

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Collectors who prefer owning a physical copy will want to get the best deal possible. Below we break down every retailer that is taking orders for the game after its release.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet pre-orders



Best Buy



  • Scarlet: Walmart
  • Violet: Walmart




Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Pikachu vs Larvitar battle screenshot.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet may get special pre-order bonuses.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet pre-order bonuses

Here are the known pre-order/purchase bonuses for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet that are only available if you meet the respective criteria for them:

Terastallized Pikachu 

Trainers who pre-ordered Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will receive a “Special Pikachu” as a bonus. This Pikachu will be encased in crystal – or Terastallized as it is known in the game.

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Most Pokemon will be able to Terastallize in Scarlet & Violet, but this Pikachu is exclusive to early purchasers. The Pikachu will know the Fly move – which it usually can’t learn – and will become a Flying-type when it Terastallizes.

To redeem the sparkly Pikachu, players will need to play around one hour of the game to unlock the Mystery Gift feature. This can only be redeemed before February 28, 2023, so players will need to be quick in order to take advantage of this pre-order bonus. 

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Crystal PikachuThe Pokemon Company
Pikachu in crystal form will be a pre-order bonus.

Digital Version of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet rewards

Those who purchase a digital copy of the game will be rewarded with a code for the Adventure Set pre-order bonus. This contains 10x free Potions, 5x Full Heals, 3x Ethers, 1x Rare Candy, and 1x Nugget. 

To take advantage of this bonus, players will need to buy the game digitally before February 28, 2023 and redeem the content through the Mystery Gift option.

Therefore, this bonus goes beyond just preorders. Adventure Set codes will also be valid until March 7, 2023. 

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Double Pack

Those who purchase the double pack (that includes both versions) will be treated to 100x Poke Balls.

These can be claimed through the Mystery Gift feature after 90 mins of play. These codes can only be redeemed once, but will not expire. 

So that’s everything you need to know about purchasing Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Check out some other Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides below:

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